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OK Slip Falls, one of the prizes of the Finch, Pruyn deal (Photo:  C. Heilman, courtesy of Adk Nature Conservancy)
OK Slip Falls, one of the prizes of the Finch, Pruyn deal (Photo: C. Heilman, courtesy of Adk Nature Conservancy)

NY to expand forest preserve with massive piece of Finch, Pruyn tract

State environment officials and the Nature Conservancy say they've struck a deal that will protect more than 134,000 acres of timberland in the Adirondacks. The plan, unveiled late Thursday, was described as historic by DEC commissioner Pete Grannis. It will affect most of the former Finch, Pruyn lands, which the Nature Conservancy purchased last year for $110 million. 57,000 acres will be added to the state forest preserve. Another 73,000 acres will continue to be logged, but all other forms of development will be blocked by conservation easements. Most of the land lies in the towns of Newcomb, Minerva, Long Lake, Indian Lake, and North Hudson. State officials say it's not clear how much taxpayers will pay for the massive preservation deal. Local government leaders have raised concerns about the impact on local economies and the lack of public hearings for the project. But backers of the plan say it strikes a balance between the needs of local communities and the environment.

Brian Mann spoke with Mike Carr, head of the Adirondack Nature Conservancy, and with DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis.  Go to full article

More on the Nature Conservancy land deal

Martha Foley talks with NCPR Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann a little more about the land deal unveiled yesterday.  Go to full article
Forest and water up for sale in the Adirondacks (Source:  Fountains Real Estate website)
Forest and water up for sale in the Adirondacks (Source: Fountains Real Estate website)

Nature Conservancy sells 15,500 acres in Adirondacks

The Nature Conservancy is selling more than fifteen thousand acres of land in the central Adirondacks. The $1.8 million deal involves five lakes and ponds and a half-dozen small mountains in the towns of Long Lake and Webb. As Brian Mann reports, the Nature Conservancy says the property will still be protected from further development.

NOTE: Story corrected at 11:50 am.  Go to full article
LGLC's new Bolton Landing facility (Source:  LGLC)
LGLC's new Bolton Landing facility (Source: LGLC)

Conservancy connects land and water on Lake George

This week, North Country Public Radio will be reporting from Lake George. We'll hear an audio postcard from a paddle on Northwest Bay and we'll check in with Dr. Bill Brown, an expert on the Timber rattlesnakes that frequent the lake's shoreline. Today, Brian Mann profiles the Lake George Land Conservancy. At a time when development pressure along the shoreline is growing, the group has preserved more than 10,000 acres.

(We're back on Lake George tomorrow with a Heard Up North from rattlesnake expert Bill Brown. Also, a very cool recording of a Timber rattler encountered on the shore of the lake.)  Go to full article

Land trusts to benefit from $400 million in grants

The Nature Conservancy's $110 million purchase of 160,000 acres of former Finch Pruyn timberlands in the Adirondack was breaking news this week. It overshadowed a public and private partnership that's awarding $400 thousand in grant monies to 30 different land trust organizations in the state. The Land Trust Alliance and the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced the list of projects Tuesday. It includes grants to the Lake George Land Trust, The Indian River Lakes Conservancy in Jefferson County, an Agricultural Land Trust in the Washington County community of Greenwich, the Queensbury Land Conservancy, the Ontario Bays Initiative in Chaumont, and The Thousand Islands Land Trust. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Land deal areas within the Blue Line
Land deal areas within the Blue Line

Conservancy buys 160,000-acre Finch Pruyn lands

The Adirondack Nature Conservancy unveiled a massive land deal yesterday. The Keene Valley-based group acquired more than 160,000 acres of timberland. Purchase price: $110 million. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Zack Lake near Newcomb (Source:  Adirondack Nature Conservancy)
Zack Lake near Newcomb (Source: Adirondack Nature Conservancy)

Nature Conservancy Sells Newcomb Land to Private Club

In a rare twist, a pro-environment group is selling a big chunk of Adirondack Land back into the private sector, for $2.5 million. The Adirondack Nature Conservancy announced yesterday that they'll sell more than 600 acres of land in Newcomb to the Tahawus hunting and fishing club. The property includes a remote mountain valley and 115-acre Zack Lake. The valley is surrounded by forest land owned by the Finch Pruyn timber company, based in Glens Falls. The land won't be opened to the public, but it will remain on the local tax rolls. The forest and the lake will also be protected by a permanent conservation easement. The Zack Lake property is so remote that it wasn't surveyed until 1899. It was first owned by great camp developer William West Durant. Nature Conservancy director Mike Carr told Brian Mann that several factors convinced his organization to put the property on the open market.  Go to full article
Listening for Bicknell's thrush
Listening for Bicknell's thrush

On Lyon Mountain, an Increasingly Rare Songbird Makes Itself Heard

Every summer, birders across the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains climb high looking for alpine songbirds. The annual census helps researchers to track the health and population of rare and endangered birds. Brian Mann joined a group on Lyon Mountain last month searching for the Bicknell's thrush. He sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Preserved Domtar Lands<br />(Source: Adk Nature Conservancy)
Preserved Domtar Lands
(Source: Adk Nature Conservancy)

Adk Lands Preserved in Massive $23 Million Conservation Deal

Environmentalists and state officials have unveiled the third largest land conservation deal in New York's history. More than a hundred thousand acres of Adirondack timberland, owned by Domtar, will be protected from development in Clinton and Franklin counties. The 23-million dollar deal was brokered by the Adirondack Nature Conservancy. As Brian Mann reports, the Domtar lands have topped environmental groups' wish lists for more than a decade.  Go to full article

Boquet River Conservation Deal Protects 110 Acres

The Adirondack Nature Conservancy has bought more than a hundred acres of forest and wetland near the mouth of the Boquet River on Lake Champlain. The deal will prevent development along more than a half-mile of shoreline. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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