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USS Saratoga underway in July 1992. Photo: <a href="">PH3 Bruce W. Moore, U.S. Navy</a>.
USS Saratoga underway in July 1992. Photo: PH3 Bruce W. Moore, U.S. Navy.

Veterans' hopes of saving USS Saratoga scuttled

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) Former Navy sailors and New Yorkers with an attachment to the USS Saratoga say they're saddened by the news that the mothballed aircraft carrier will be scrapped instead of converted into a floating museum.  Go to full article
USS Slater Photo: <a href="">Michael Sheehan </a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
USS Slater Photo: Michael Sheehan , Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Albany's WWII ship heads down Hudson for repairs

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) With the ice finally off the Hudson River, an Albany-based World War II warship has headed south to Staten Island for repairs.

The destroyer escort USS Slater is the last of its kind afloat in the U.S. and is a floating museum from April through November. It was supposed to head south in February to be dry-docked for extensive repair work. But thick ice downriver kept the 70-year-old ship in its upstate port. It finally left its Albany dock Sunday morning, towed by the tug Margot.  Go to full article

Trudeau and navy working on flu vaccine

Scientists from Saranac Lake's Trudeau Institute and the U.S. Navy will be working together to develop a pandemic influenza vaccine. The defense appropriations bill signed into law this week by President Bush includes $1.6 million over two years for the research, which is meant to benefit both the general population and the military. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

After the War: A Homecoming in Queensbury

State Senator Betty Little, of Queensbury, tells Brian Mann what it was like to be the mom of a Navy pilot flying over Iraq. Lieutenant Commander David Little is a pilot on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, the last of the three carriers that participated in the air war over Iraq.  Go to full article

Canadian-on-the-Street Response to War Mixed

This week, Canadian naval ships are transporting hundreds of military personnel to the Persian Gulf. Throughout the crisis, Canadian support for the American response has been high. But on the streets of Ottawa, reporter Karen Kelly found a mixed response.  Go to full article

People: Assemblywoman Betty Little, Active Duty Parent

Brian Mann talks with Assemblywoman Betty Little. Her son is a navy pilot aboard the aircraft carrier Constitution.  Go to full article

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