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Pataki May Appeal NYC School Funding Decision

Governor Pataki did not spend much time in his budget address responding to a court order to reform school aid in New York. A court appointed panel said the state must give billions of extra dollars to New York City's schools. The governor's remarks have led some to believe that Pataki is thinking about once again appealing the judge's decision. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Crane Symphony Orchestra to Perform at Carnegie Hall

Later this month, SUNY-Potsdam's student orchestra will perform at a prestigious concert venue in New York City. The Crane Symphony Orchestra will perform at Carnegie Hall for the second time in the orchestra's history on Sunday, January 16th. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article

A New Blueprint for School Aid in NY

The Campaign for Fiscal Equity, the New York State School Boards Association and teachers unions are writing a bill that would change the way New York State distributes school aid. The state is under court order to send more aid to struggling students in New York City. Karen DeWitt updates the school aid distribution case.  Go to full article

Budget Watchdog Group Suggests Ways to Raise Money for NYC School Aid

When the court appointed panel recommended that Governor Pataki and the legislature add $14 billion to New York City's schools over the next four years, they did not suggest any ways to pay for the increase. A government watchdog group, the Citizen's Budget Commission, has come up with suggestions. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

State Told to Pay Billions to Improve NYC Schools

A court-appointed panel has ordered Governor Pataki and the legislature to increase funds to New York City schools by $14 billion over the next four years, and has given state officials 90 days to comply. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

NY Conventioneers Reflect on Week at RNC

Governor Pataki got the plumb job of introducing President Bush at the Republican National Convention last night. His role raised his profile on the national political stage. Karen DeWitt has been following New York delegates at the convention. She asked them for their reflections on the week.  Go to full article
Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart

A "Log Cabin" View of the Convention

Plattsburgh Mayor Dan Stewart is among a minority of openly gay Republicans at the convention in New York. He wasn't in the hall for President Bush's acceptance speech because he says the Bush Administration doesn't represent the moderate wing of the Republican Party. Martha Foley talked with Stewart about his reactions to the convention and the direction his party is taking.  Go to full article

Pataki Bumps Into Protestors in New York

Protestors are still a presence around the Republican National Convention in New York City. Governor George Pataki ran into some of them when he attended an invitation-only party at the famous Tavern on the Green. Karen DeWitt is covering the convention and has this report.  Go to full article

Pataki Cheers NH Delegates at Convention

Governor Pataki got a positive response from New Hampshire delegates in a breakfast meeting at the Republican National Convention in New York. But Pataki says there's no connection between his appearance before the delegation from the state with the nation's first presidential primary and his own political future. Karen DeWitt reports from New York City.  Go to full article

On the Ground at the RNC in NYC

Delegates and protestors both are thronging the streets of New York City this week for the Republican National Convention. As Karen DeWitt reports, they bring very different perspectives to the country's political future.  Go to full article

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