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Brian Mann on the home waters of Lake Champlain.
Brian Mann on the home waters of Lake Champlain.

NCPR's Brian Mann reports back from the Gulf

NCPR Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann is on assignment for National Public Radio for two weeks, pitching in on the network's broad coverage of the BP oil spill and its impacts. (You can find his latest stories for NPR below and on our front page.)

This morning, he told Martha Foley he's met people he first got to know while he was covering the Exxon Valdez oil spill over 20 years ago in Prince William Sound, Alaska. And he's met people from closer to home in Franklin County, New York.  Go to full article

Regional Writing Contest for Young and Adult Writers

Ellen Rocco talks with Nathalie Costa, Executive Director for the Adirondack Center for Writing about the first annual regional writing contest, sponsored by NCPR and the Adirondack Center for Writing.  Go to full article

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