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Statistics show the North Country is about average for non-metro New York State

A new analysis from Cornell University's Community and Rural Development Institute puts the North Country (socio-economically speaking) right in the ballpark of the rest non-metropolitan New York State.

The report is based on county level U.S. Census data. With some variations county to county, the region including Lewis, Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, Essex and Hamilton counties has comparable employment and poverty rates, household incomes, housing values and so on when compared to the rest of rural New York.

That'll surprise many people who live and work in the region. It surprised the researchers, according to the institute's co-director, Dr. David Brown. He is in Canton today as keynote speaker for the annual North Country Symposium at St. Lawrence University. He talked this morning with Martha Foley.  Go to full article
The lake Placid House in action in Whistler. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.
The lake Placid House in action in Whistler. Photo by Nancie Battaglia.

North Country crew works behind the scenes at Olympics

While North Country athletes competing at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver have been grabbing the headlines, and rightfully so, another group of local residents has been making a quieter contribution to the games.

People from the Saranac Lake and Lake Placid area have been working at the Olympics, helping to run bobsled, luge and skeleton races, setting up interviews and photo shoots for athletes, organizing events for sponsors, and playing a host of other behind-the-scenes roles. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Paterson speech gets bipartisan support from North Country contingent

Most of the reforms and initiatives Gov. David Paterson outlined yesterday require legislative approval. Early reaction to his package of ethics reforms, including campaign finance reform and term limits, has been cool. But there were signs of comity yesterday. Martha Foley has reaction from the region.  Go to full article
Kim Hall at Hall's Apple Market in Ontario (Photo:  J. Brown)
Kim Hall at Hall's Apple Market in Ontario (Photo: J. Brown)

As autumn deepens, some North Country businesses hibernate, others create

This time of year, it's more than the color of the trees that is changing. When autumn arrives, many North Country businesses shift gears. For some, it is a slower season. After the tourists and second homeowners have left town, things can feel pretty sleepy. Some shops close down altogether. But for other small businesses, this is a busy time, as final harvests are brought in, shelves are restocked, and new plans are made. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

State looks to invest in NC

State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli was at Clarkson University in Potsdam yesterday. It was the last of what he called his "roadshow" stops to promote New York's in-state private equity investment program. The program channels state retirement money to businesses in the state, or those who will come to New York. As Martha Foley report, Dinapoli said New York has done a good job at developing intellectual capital but the money isn't always there.  Go to full article
Greg Gardner
Greg Gardner

A Year of Hard Choices: challenges and opportunities

Our series starts with a conversation about the state of the region--economically speaking. Greg Gardner has been a student of the North Country economy since coming to the region 15 years ago. He teaches management and business strategy at SUNY Potsdam. He and his wife live outside Watertown. Gardner says the NC economy is fairly simple--service-oriented and shaped by a relatively small population, spread over a large area. It's highly seasonal--tourism, farming. Typically, employment and spending go down in the winter, up in the summer. Lots of stable civic jobs, from education to prisons, buffer the region somewhat from highs and lows elsewhere.

Like the rest of the nation, the North Country just had about 10 years of steady economic growth. But that's quickly eroded over the last six months. Manufacturing and farming, economic engines that ship exports out and bring fresh cash in, have been hit hard. Demand for their products has dropped, and financing for their operations has dried up.

Meanwhile, state spending tapered off dramatically in some areas. Using employment as a gauge, Gardner said the NC economy right now looks about the way it did in the early '90s, with unemployment ranging from 9 to 11%, expecting that to moderate in the summer. Now, Gardner says, the downturn is touching more and more people.  Go to full article
JW Wiley, Bob Grady & Mark Barie (Photo:  Brian Mann)
JW Wiley, Bob Grady & Mark Barie (Photo: Brian Mann)

Debating race in the era of Barack Obama

Yesterday, we reported on the dozens of North Country families that are traveling to Washington DC for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. But there's a debate underway over what Obama's victory means. Are we a post-racial society now that we have our first black president? What does it mean that blacks and whites still lead very different lives in this country? On Tuesday, that conversation spilled over into a surprising venue: a Rotary club luncheon in Plattsburgh. As Brian Mann reports, two prominent civic leaders wrestled for an hour with some of the thorniest and most controversial issues in our society.  Go to full article
DEC biologist John O'Connor herds geese into the holding pen.
DEC biologist John O'Connor herds geese into the holding pen.

Geese stay home to roost

The last couple of weeks, state biologists in New York have been rounding up Canada geese. Hundreds of birds were banded in Massena. In Saranac Lake, dozens were corralled and checked before being released back into the wild. As Brian Mann reports, the project is giving scientists a better understanding of changes in Canada goose behavior. It's also giving locals an up-close look at how wildlife researchers do their jobs.  Go to full article
Maria, age 17, as the process begins
Maria, age 17, as the process begins

Before The Prom, The Coiffure

This is high school prom season in the North Country. "Prom" is an important ritual for many girls and their moms - an opportunity to indulge in fashion and glamour. Despite counter-trends toward grunge, Goth or gowns made of duct tape -- the night demands a lovely dress, fresh flowers, and great hair. Prom hair can be a sort of folk art when practiced by the best and most experienced stylists. Brian Mann went behind the chair at a Saranac Lake salon for our story.  Go to full article

North Country National Guard Units Return Sunday From Iraq

This weekend more than six hundred New York National Guard soldiers serving with the 2nd of the 108th infantry battalion will return home from Iraq. A ceremony will be held Sunday afternoon at MaGrath Gymnasium at Fort Drum. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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