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Elves Busy at North Pole, NY

There's a spot in the Adirondacks where you'll find Santa and his elves working year-round. Santa's Workshop at North Pole, NY (on Whiteface Mountain Rd. in Wilmington) is America's oldest theme park. It boasts a continually frozen "North Pole", colorful characters including Santa, and a post office. Todd Moe talks with operations manager Matt Stanley.  Go to full article
Arto Monaco at work on a new comic book
Arto Monaco at work on a new comic book

Arto Monaco: The King of Make Believe

Walt Disney opened his first theme park in the summer of 1955. But half a decade before Disneyland, there was Santa's Workshop in Wilmington ? the creation of north country native Arto Monaco. Monaco built a half-dozen theme parks. Most are gone now, swept away by changing tastes. But Monaco himself is still around, still creating make-believe worlds. Brian Mann visited his workshop in Upper Jay and has our story.  Go to full article

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