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Wild morels, a spring treasure.
Wild morels, a spring treasure.

Stalking the elusive morel

This is the season when morels are hunted by thousands of people simply for their taste and the joy of the hunt. They're another sign of spring in the North Country. Mushroom hunters say their favorite fungi are popping up earlier than usual this year. Todd Moe has caught morel fever every spring since he was a child, and heads into his own back woods to look for these "aristocrats" of the forest.  Go to full article

Skiing out the old year

Light snowfall and mild temperatures drew NCPR's Todd Moe outdoors yesterday. He took to the woods behind his house for a short New Year's Eve ski trek.  Go to full article

UpNorth Music: Gwen and Jim Tracy

Always interested in being a musician, Jim Tracy has been a member of several bands in and around his hometown of Big Moose. His daughter, Gwen, remembers waking up Saturday mornings to the sound of her father playing guitar, and her mother singing in the house. Gwen is the lead vocalist in Delia, a band that allows her strong blues voice to shine. Gwen and Jim will perform this Sunday evening (5 pm) as part of the Norwood Village Green Concert Series "In the Neighborhood Singer/Songwriter Festival." They spoke with Jill Breit after their UpNorth Music session in Old Forge last June.  Go to full article
Benjamin Hull
Benjamin Hull

Teen violinist takes center stage

The Orchestra of Northern New York welcomes a young violinist on stage for its "Symphonic Discovery" concerts in Potsdam and Watertown next weekend. 16-year-old Benjamin Hull won this year's annual Young Artist Instrumental Competition. He'll be the violin soloist in the orchestra's performance of the first movement of Bruch's "Violin Concerto in G Minor." Todd Moe has this profile.  Go to full article
From front: Bill McKentley, Chelle Lindhal, Rob Jewett, and Matt Bradley
From front: Bill McKentley, Chelle Lindhal, Rob Jewett, and Matt Bradley

Heard Up North: The Zen of Rowing

For almost 10 years, the Grateful Oars Rowing Club has been plying the waters of Norwood Lake in St. Lawrence County. Membership is open to all skill levels, from beginning to racing. This Saturday, the club is holding an open house. David Sommerstein caught up with one four-person crew team for today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article
The Norwood Recycling Center is open Saturdays from 7-11am
The Norwood Recycling Center is open Saturdays from 7-11am

Community Recycling Weekly Event in Norwood

Saturday is "Earth Day" and a number of groups across the region will spend the day spreading the message of being kind to the planet. There are plans for neighborhood spring clean-ups, tree planting parties, discussions of environmental preservation and care, composting, and clean energy. For the last 16 years, a small group of volunteers in St. Lawrence County has been doing its part to promote more recycling and less trash. The Norwood Recycling Center is open to everyone every Saturday morning. It serves hundreds of households each week. Jim McFadden, of the Norwood Lake Association, says his group started the recycling center in 1990 as a community project. He spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article
Getting ready: Some of the rowers in the Grateful Oars club at the Head of the Rideau in 2003 (photo: Grateful Oars)
Getting ready: Some of the rowers in the Grateful Oars club at the Head of the Rideau in 2003 (photo: Grateful Oars)

North Country Rowers Prepare for Race on the Rideau

Rowing is a sport that appeals to people for a number of reasons. It can be a leisurely way to spend some time on a river or lake, or enjoying the company of friends. Rowing can also be a competitive sport that combines strength, endurance and teamwork. A small group of North Country rowers is preparing for the Head of the Rideau race in Ottawa on Sunday. Todd Moe caught up with some of the Grateful Oars at their home waters, Norwood Lake, in St. Lawrence County. He spoke with Brooks Washburn, Jim Vitale, Mike Walter, Bill MacKentley, and the team's coxswain (the non-rowing member who steers the boat) Celia Norman, as they finished an evening workout.  Go to full article

BOCES Day Care Center in Norwood to Close

In St. Lawrence County, BOCES is closing a day care center in Norwood next month. The Happy Day Child Care Center first opened in 1992. Another BOCES child care center in Ogdensburg was closed last year. Greg Warner reports.  Go to full article

Nat'l Guard Families Braced for Send-Off

Some 2000 family members and friends filled Fort Drum's McGrath Gymnasium Saturday for an emotional farewell to 700 New York National Guardsmen. The soldiers, many from the North Country, are in the final preparations for a year-long mission in Iraq.
They will soon become the first New York National Guard infantry unit sent into combat since World War Two. They'll replace an active duty combat force serving in Iraq. The 108th's roots date back to 1898 when it was created as a voluntary infantry unit. Today, its members come from all across upstate New York and western Vermont. As David Sommerstein reports, families are bracing themselves for a difficult year ahead.  Go to full article

NY National Guard, pt. 2: The Families Left Behind

Almost 700 National Guardsmen from around New York are at Ft. Drum, training for a 12 month assignment in Iraq. In part one of our series, we heard about their physical training, and the emotional and mental preparations as well. Their families are also making a transition. They're losing a husband, a son, a father, a brother, a boyfriend for a year a half. They're learning to pick up the slack at home and cope with the daily news of attacks and violence where their loved ones are headed.
As National Guard families, most never expected to be in this situation. David Sommerstein finds many are simply opposed to the deployment.  Go to full article

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