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News stories tagged with "nuisance"

There are very particular areas they like to go. Maybe on top of the state office building. I see them there at night.

Watertown plans winter "crow hazing"

It's not winter quite yet...but Watertown is already thinking about one recurring winter problem. Every year, the city's population increases dramatically--by the seasonal arrival of 15,000-20,000 crows.

The city considers the crows to be a nuisance and employs a tactic called "crow hazing"--it's generally, although not always, a non-lethal method to convince the crows to go elsewhere.

The city council's in the process of deciding which of several crow hazing services to use for this task.

Nora Flaherty spoke with Elliott Nelson at the city manager's office about Watertown's crow problem, and what "crow hazing" entails.  Go to full article

Eight "aggressive" bears shot or euthanized in Adks

Reports of black bears breaking into camps and trying to steal food from campers are on the rise in the Adirondacks. There have been no human injuries. But state Department of Environmental Conservation officials say eight so-called "nuisance" bears have been killed this summer alone. Chris Knight has our story.  Go to full article
Bloody Red Mysid
Bloody Red Mysid

Hitchhiking invaders keep coming

A new invasive species has joined zebra and quagga mussels, the brown gobie and other species that have hitchhiked to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River in ballast water. Rebecca Williams' report shows just how easily an even worse invader could make its way into the waterway.  Go to full article

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