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Residents at Horace Nye nursing home. NCPR file photo
Residents at Horace Nye nursing home. NCPR file photo

Where will we live when we're old?

An advocacy group for senior citizens says there's not enough quality housing for elderly New Yorkers that will allow them to remain in their homes.

A new study by Leading Age New York found that many communities lack the kind of infrastructure that will allow the growing population of seniors to maintain a high quality of life without over-burdening taxpayers.

The group's executive director, Jim Klein, spoke with Susan Arbetter, host of the public radio magazine Capitol Pressroom.  Go to full article
Should the Horace Nye Nursing Home be privatized?  (Photo:  Horace Nye website)
Should the Horace Nye Nursing Home be privatized? (Photo: Horace Nye website)

Workers, residents rally to save Horace Nye nursing home

On Saturday more than a hundred people rallied at the Horace Nye nursing home in Elizabethtown. Essex County supervisors may vote as early as tomorrow to privatize the home, as a cost-cutting measure. Opponents say the home is a vital service provided by the county.

As Brian Mann reports, counties across the North Country and across New York state have been scrambling to privatize care for the elderly.  Go to full article

Samaritan steps in to run Mercy nursing home

From Elizabethtown to Alexandria Bay, nursing homes across the North Country are struggling, and in some cases, closing. In Watertown, Samaritan Medical Center is in talks to run the 200-bed Mercy Care Center in receivership. Mercy announced last month it intends to close. The measure is temporary until the hospital builds two new facilities. This week, Samaritan won a $34 million state grant that will pay roughly half the cost of construction for nursing and assisted living homes in Watertown and nearby Carthage. Samaritan spokeswoman Krista Kittle told David Sommerstein there's a desperate need in the region for long-term care facilities for the elderly, especially assisted living ones.  Go to full article

County nursing homes including E'town's Horace Nye could be privatized

This week, county leaders from across New York state met to discuss the future of nursing homes run by local governments. In many counties, the homes provide crucial care to elderly and sick residents. But the facilities are costing taxpayers millions of dollars to operate.

The Horace Nye home in Elizabethtown is expected to lose close to $2 million this year. As Brian Mann reports, a growing number of local leaders say those costs are too high at a time when property taxes are soaring.  Go to full article

Nursing homes & home health services face budget cuts

The Spitzer administration is proposing a major boost to state funding for doctors in under-served areas. That could help the North Country attract more physicians. But critics say the Governor's spending plan also strips millions of dollars from nursing homes and home healthcare programs that are already struggling. As Brian Mann reports, local leaders say the budget could mean some facilities closing their doors.  Go to full article

Commission: cut nursing home beds in Canton, Watertown

Seven nursing homes are on the list for closure. Dozens of others are targeted for mergers or downsizing. As Brian Mann reports, the commission is recommending changes at two North Country nursing homes, in Canton and Watertown:  Go to full article

Panel to Close Hospitals, Nursing Homes

A new state panel will meet next week to cut costs in New York's health care system. The 18-member commission is expected to recommend closing some hospitals and nursing homes. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Letting Nursing Homes Downsize Themselves

Nursing homes care for those seniors least able to care for themselves. It's the most costly kind of elderly care, and Governor Pataki wants to cut $200 million in state funding for the homes, saying that enrollment is on the decline. Some nursing home administrators say they could deal with the problem themselves, if freed from state regulations.  Go to full article

State Pledges to Improve Care in Adult Homes

The Pataki administration Tuesday responded to criticisms of treatment of the mentally ill at state licensed adult homes. Health commissioner Antonia Novello announced several steps that she says will improve care and punish adult home operators who violate regulations. Karen Dewitt has more on the story from Albany.  Go to full article

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