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Voters react to Owens-Doheny debate

While military issues were a big part of Thursday night's debate between congressional candidates Matt Doheny (R) and incumbent Bill Owens (D), the economy and unemployment were on most voters' minds. Joanna Richards took a sampling of public opinion right after the debate.  Go to full article

Congressional contenders trade views at public forum

The candidates vying for the North Country's House seat traveled to the tiny St. Lawrence County village of Wanakena Thursday night for a forum at the Ranger School there.

The three, Democratic incumbent Bill Owens, Republican Matt Doheny, and Green Party contender Donald Hassig, traded views and answered questions on a range of issues.  Go to full article
Green Party candidate Donald Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty
Green Party candidate Donald Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty

NY21 Green Party candidate: deport foreign farm workers

The candidates in the race for New York's 21st District Congressional seat gathered Thursday night for a forum in Wanakena. At that forum, Green Party candidate Donald Hassig called for foreign workers on farms in the North Country to be rounded up and deported.

Hassig blasted plans put forward by the Democratic and Republican candidates to allow more laborers to work legally on dairy farms and apple orchards.  Go to full article

NY21 Debate: Candidates spar in Plattsburgh

Two of the three candidates for the North Country's congressional seat squared off in Plattsburgh Tuesday night for a debate sponsored by WPTZ television.

Green Party candidate Donald Hassig wasn't included in the debate, but the forum did include an opportunity for Republican challenger Matt Doheny and Democratic congressman Bill Owens to question each other about issues ranging from Medicare reform to trade with China.

The exchange was heated at times, with the two men accusing each other of misleading voters and embracing policies that hurt the North Country.  Go to full article
Voters will see one debate next week, and two more in October.
Voters will see one debate next week, and two more in October.

NY21: House candidates agree to three debates

It looks like voters in the North Country will get three more chances to see the congressional candidates meet face-to-face before election day. Republican Matt Doheny and Democrat Bill Owens have agreed to three debates, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 25.  Go to full article

STORY UPDATED: NY21: Doheny absent from lively Medicare debate

UPDATE: After this story was published on Wednesday morning, Matt Doheny released his ideas for changes to Medicare. Those can be found at
his website.

NCPR requested another interview with Doheny, now that his policy has been made public. His campaign responded, "No."
Medicare has become a central issue in Senate and Congressional races this year, especially since Republican Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate. Medicare covers more than 40 million seniors, and nearly 9 million people with disabilities nationwide.

Paul Ryan is head of the House Budget Committee, and wrote a plan to dramatically restructure the program. President Obama's health care law also makes big changes to it.

In the 21st District Congressional race, political ads on both sides have focused on the issue. But parsing the truth from campaign rhetoric can take a fine-toothed comb--especially because Republican candidate Matt Doheny still refuses to talk about Medicare.  Go to full article
NY-21 Green Party candidate Don Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty
NY-21 Green Party candidate Don Hassig. Photo: Natasha Haverty

Hassig says he's happy with Siena poll standing

One candidate in the race for New York's new 21st Congressional District is pleased with the results from a Siena Research Institute poll released last week, and it's not the man with the 13-point lead.

Green Party candidate Don Hassig says he's "thrilled" with his standing in the poll, which has 6 percent of those polled favoring him. He trails incumbent Congressman Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh, and Watertown businessman Matt Doheny, a Republican, by a margin of 49-36-6, respectively.

The poll said 8 percent of voters remain undecided.  Go to full article

Primary day political roundup

Thursday is primary day across New York state and in many parts of the North Country, polls are open from noon until 9 pm. It's also just 54 days to the November election. Brian Mann is our Adirondack bureau chief and he also follows politics closely on our In Box blog at He and Martha Foley spoke this morning about how the election season is shaping up in the North Country.  Go to full article

NY21: Doheny campaign gears up in wake of poll

Matt Doheny, republican challenger for New York's 21st District Congressional seat, is keeping a busy campaign schedule this week in the wake of Monday's poll showing him well behind Democratic congressman Bill Owens. The Doheny team says he'll make appearances at the Bombardier plant in Plattsburgh and the Bravo Italiano Festival in Watertown, with whistle stops in Peru and Lowville

On Sunday, Doheny will campaign with Texas Republican congressman Pete Sessions in Ballston Spa -- receiving a nod of support from the national party. Siena's survey showed Doheny trailing 13 points behind Owens, with two months left in the campaign.  Go to full article

NY21: Owens works senior vote in Massena

Senior citizens vote at higher rates than the rest of the population. So they'll be key to the eventual winner of the North Country's 21st Congressional district. And issues important to seniors, like health care law and Medicare, will take front stage until November.

Democrat Bill Owens' campaign has been ratcheting up the debate with Republican Matt Doheny on Medicare. Owens himself reached out to senior citizens at the Seniorama expo yesterday in Massena.  Go to full article

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