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US Rep. Bill Owens.
US Rep. Bill Owens.

North Country House delegation votes yes on"fiscal cliff" deal

North Country congressman Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh, voted in favor of a zero-hour spending bill late last night that averted the so-called "fiscal cliff".

Owens was joined by Republicans Chris Gibson and Richard Hanna, who also currently represent parts of the North Country.

They helped lift the measure past opposition from conservative Republicans. The bill passed on a vote of 257 to 167.

The controversial bipartisan deal came just in time to spare the country broad tax hikes and deep cuts to Federal spending, which Owens called "dangerous."  Go to full article
Kellie Greene
Kellie Greene

Greene says she's the "true" conservative in GOP primary

Kellie Greene has tossed her hat into the mix of candidates seeking to defeat U.S. Rep. Bill Owens in the upcoming congressional election. The Sackets Harbor woman describes herself as a "true" constitutional conservative. She says she's been sitting on the sidelines long enough and is ready to make a go of it.

Greene formally announced her candidacy during an event in Watertown last week. She's challenging businessman Matt Doheny, a former Wall Street financier, for the Republican and Conservative party lines. A primary has been set for June 26. Chris Morris has more on the candidate.  Go to full article

NY-23 House race could once again be shaped by national politics

The 23rd district House seat that covers much of the North Country is expected to see one of the hottest election fights in the country this year.

In recent years, Republicans, Conservatives, and tea party activists have been bitterly divided in the region. That allowed Democrat Bill Owens to eke out two election victories in a region long considered a Republican stronghold.

This week, we'll be talking about the race, listening to the candidates, and talking to young people about this year's election. Brian Mann spoke with Martha Foley about some of the big issues and political trends that could shape the race.  Go to full article

Complete audio: NY-23 Debate, Owens-Doheny

Democratic incumbent Bill Owens and Republican challenger Matt Doheny debate, moderated by Jeff Cole of WWNY-TV.  Go to full article

Owens sticks with his game plan

Democrat Bill Owens benefited from the bitter GOP-side fight between Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava and tea party favorite Doug Hoffman in last fall's special election for the 23rd district House seat.

Owens' win ended over a century of Republican control of the seat. Observers, including the UNYTEA leader Mark Barie, think it's likely that this year's Republican-Conservative split will help him keep it.  Go to full article

3-way race likely to boost Owens

Mark Barie, head of the UNYTEA teas party group based in Plattsburgh said yesterday that Doug Hoffman has neither the money nor the campaign staff to win a three-way race for the 23rd Congressional District House seat in the general election this fall.

And he said Hoffman's decision to stay in the race will siphon votes away from Republican Matt Doheny's effort to take the seat away from the Democratic incumbent, Bill Owens. (see related story)

Brian Mann spoke with Martha Foley this morning about the race's complicated trajectory.  Go to full article
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) (File photo)
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) (File photo)

NY-23: Owens launches fall campaign, decrying "pessimism and anger"

While Republicans are still sorting out their primary results from this week's election in the 23rd district, Democrat Bill Owens began broadcasting his first campaign ad yesterday.

Owens, a businessman and attorney from Plattsburgh, holds a sizable fundraising lead over his Republican and Conservative opponents.

Owens faces a national mood that appears to be running strongly against Democrats.

But he enters the fall campaign with a unified party, and support from at least some Republicans.

Owens spoke yesterday with Brian Mann about the contest going forward.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny (left) hoped to convince Republicans that he's a movement conservative. Doug Hoffman hopes his fame from last year's special election will carry him to victory this year.
Matt Doheny (left) hoped to convince Republicans that he's a movement conservative. Doug Hoffman hopes his fame from last year's special election will carry him to victory this year.

NY-23: In fierce debate, Hoffman and Doheny land punches

Matt Doheny and Doug Hoffman slugged it out last night in Plattsburgh, when the two Republicans met for their first debate.

They're fighting for the chance to face Democratic Representative Bill Owens in the November election.

With the primary just two weeks away, both men agreed on most of the issues.

But they spent ninety minutes questioning each other's integrity and arguing over who has the best shot to reclaim a House seat that was once a Republican stronghold.

As Brian Mann reports, more than 200 people turned out to hear what the two men had to say.  Go to full article
Doug Hoffman listens to a dairy farmer discuss his concerns.
Doug Hoffman listens to a dairy farmer discuss his concerns.

Hoffman counting on grassroots push in NY-23 primary

Republican candidates for the 23rd Congressional district seat are making late summer pushes toward a September primary. Alexandria Bay businessman Matt Doheny has shored up support from the GOP establishment. All of the party's county chairs have endorsed him. Tea Party insurgent Doug Hoffman says he relishes the outsider status, just as he did in last year's special election that brought him to within a few percentage points of Democrat and Congressman Bill Owens. Hoffman trails Doheny significantly in fundraising. Lacking the get-out-the-vote infrastructure of a major party, Hoffman will need a big grassroots push to win. As David Sommerstein reports, whether he gets it is the central question of his campaign.  Go to full article
Doug Hoffman (File photo)
Doug Hoffman (File photo)

Hoffman campaigns in Port Henry, where GOP is divided

The UNYTEA tea party group held a meeting last night in Port Henry to support Doug Hoffman, one of the two Republicans in this year's 23rd district primary race.

Hoffman faces fellow-Republican Matt Doheny, who has won support from most Republican leaders in the district.

As Brian Mann reports, this contest within the GOP may be building toward a divided ticket in the fall.  Go to full article

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