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A still from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new ad on upstate tax cuts.
A still from Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new ad on upstate tax cuts.

Cuomo splashes out on ads promoting his budget priorities

Governor Cuomo is spending some of his multi-million dollar campaign war chest on ads to promote his state budget priorities.

The ads, which feature in part Cuomo speaking directly to camera, focus on the governor's pitch for his tax cut plan and an ethics package that includes public financing of political campaigns and a crackdown on bribery.  Go to full article
Photo: Still capture from NYS video feed
Photo: Still capture from NYS video feed

Governor Cuomo's 2014 budget address

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo outlined his budget priorities for New York State in the coming year in his fourth annual budget address given at the Hart Theater in "The Egg" Performing Arts Center in Albany Tuesday at 2 pm.

In his forty-minute address, the governor laid out a budget that, he says, lays out a specific action agenda. He talked about expenditures, holding spending down, and taxes, including a property tax freeze that he says "incentivizes government consolidation."  Go to full article
We're really hopeful that drastic times will call for a drastic response that will right the system.

NYS budget plan leaves some questions unanswered

Governor Andrew Cuomo released a budget plan Tuesday that he said would shake up the way budgets are made in Albany. But as Karen DeWitt reports, the governor left some questions unanswered in his spending plan.  Go to full article

Cuomo takes to the web and draws some unusual support

Governor Cuomo is taking his budget message, with it's $10 billion dollars in recommended cuts, to the people, in the form of a web video. Meanwhile, the democratic governor is picking up some support form some unusual quarters-the Tea Party. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Poll: Pataki Popular Despite Looming Budget Problems

Governor Pataki is remaining tight lipped about how he might resolve the looming budget crisis. A recent poll shows the governor remains popular despite New York's financial problems. As Karen Dewitt reports, those two developments might be related.  Go to full article

Regents Say State Needs to Spend More Money on Education

The state board of regents says that despite the state's fiscal problems, New York needs to spend half a billion dollars more on its school children next year. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Pataki Asks Lawmakers for Bonds to Help Close Budget Gap

Governor Pataki has asked the state Legislature to authorize the bonding of up to $4 billion dollars. The money would help the state close revenue shortfalls in the current and future fiscal years. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article
A freshman Senator faces a tough year in Albany.
A freshman Senator faces a tough year in Albany.

Budget Cuts Could Go Deep In North Country

If the Governor does balance the budget through cuts - rather than income tax increases - the North Country could be hit hard. Government employment is a huge factor in the region's economy, accounting for one in three jobs. But as Brian Mann reports, leaders also worry that more programs will have to be paid for using local property taxes.  Go to full article

Business Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Consider Less Spending Over Tax Hikes

The state's business leaders say New York lawmakers should take a hard look at reducing state spending before they think about raising taxes to plug New York's budget gap. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Budget, Funding Problems Rising

Governor Pataki has said little about how he will solve the state's budget crisis, and that has led a number of interest groups to worry that they might be the targets of budget cuts. Many are issuing pre-emptive strikes to gain support for their programs. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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