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Griffo would change voting rules for electing regents

North Country state Senator Joe Griffo says it's time to find a new way to elect the Board of Regents that guides New York's public education policy.

"Currently, that's an elective vote of the 213 members of the legislature, we believe that should actually be a vote by each individual house and you should receive a majority in each house." Griffo points out that because there are far more Assembly members than state Senators, the current system for electing regents gives the lion's share of authority to Democrats.  Go to full article
NYS Capitol. Photo: Karen DeWitt
NYS Capitol. Photo: Karen DeWitt

State senate fight down to the wire, complicated by Sandy

Tuesday's elections will decide which party, Republicans, or Democrats, control the State Senate. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is further complicating matters, with access to polling places still uncertain in some districts in Westchester, New York City, and Long Island. The races could come down to the wire.  Go to full article
The Senate Republicans again and again stifled debate and turned democracy into a game.

Senate Dems walk out over redistricting

Seven casinos, a cut in one of the biggest government costs facing taxpayers, more convictions of career criminals and a far more promising outlook for Republicans are results of the wheeling and dealing that ended early yesterday morning in Albany. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is declaring victory.

His Republican allies in the Senate, who faced oblivion just two years ago, scored major wins to give the party a powerful, longer life in the increasingly blue state.

The all-night session of the legislature left bitter feelings between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, after Democrats stormed out in protest over the middle of the night redistricting vote. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Aubertine, Ritchie on party leadership

Syracuse University political science professor Grant Reeher led a thorough exchange between the incumbent Democrat, Darrel Aubertine, and the Republican challenger, St. Lawrence County Clerk Patty Ritchie at WRVO studios last week. It included this exchange about how the candidates would work with, or against, their party leadership.  Go to full article

NY Senate Approves Initiative and Referendum Idea

A measure to allow voters in New York to decide directly on ballots issues passed the state senate last week, but is unlikely to become law anytime soon. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

State Budget Too Late to Help Schools?

Governor Pataki and legislative leaders are struggling to reach a budget settlement nearly a month after the deadline, but school districts in the state say it may already be too late to help them. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

State Republicans Want On-time Budgets

Republicans in the state Assembly announced yesterday in Albany how many people signed petitions to force the Legislature to resume passing on-time budgets. The Republicans say New Yorkers care deeply about the issue, even though the Legislature and governor are currently in their 18th straight year without an on-time spending plan.
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Mental Health Agencies Ask State for More Money

Community mental health care agencies say they're in crisis, because of a lack of state funding. They want Governor Pataki and the legislature to restore money for mental health services in this year's state budget. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Redistricting Plan Spawns Political Moves in Albany

The New York State Legislature passed a reapportionment plan this week. It favors the majority party members in each house, giving them districts that will help them in their re-election efforts in the fall. But the redistricting process has been somewhat brutal for minority party members in each house. Karen Dewitt looks at one assemblyman who has learned a lot about the political maneuverings of Albany, beginning just two days after he started the job.  Go to full article

AIDS Protest in Albany

61 people were arrested at the state capitol Tuesday as they protested for more funding for AIDS services. Protesters criticized the Pataki administration, saying its proposed budget would cut $18 million in treatment and outreach programs. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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