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News stories tagged with "obesity"

Childhood obesity draws Gillibrand focus in Lake Placid

Representative Kirsten Gillibrand will be in Lake Placid this morning, hosting a conference on childhood health and obesity. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

When eating becomes a problem

There's a difference between having a "sweet tooth" and being obsessed with food. Overeating often leads to obesity and health problems. Todd Moe talks with a Canton woman about life as a compulsive eater, and the road to recovery. The Potsdam chapter of Overeaters Anonymous is sponsoring a "Minithon," or day of sharing, this Saturday at Trinity Episcopal Church.  Go to full article

New project seeks to fight obesity

Childhood Obesity is a major public health problem in New York State. One in five North Country children are overweight. The Eat Well Play Hard Program was launched earlier this year across the region to help prevent childhood obesity and reduce long-term risks for chronic disease. It's part of a national project that promotes eating healthy and getting exercise. Jamie Bentley is coordinator of Eat Well Play Hard at the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article

Community Forum Tackles Obesity Epidemic

More than 60% of Americans are overweight or obese. That number is even higher in the North Country. Most alarming is that obesity among children is skyrocketing. Health officials are calling it an epidemic. They warn overeating will shorten our life expectancy if the problem goes unchecked. Last week, the St. Lawrence County Health Initiative held a forum to discuss why North Country residents are so overweight, and what can be done about it. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Commentary: Hunger & Obesity

More on the decades old 'war against hunger'. A report this week said more people are in need and food donations are down. Meanwhile, obesity is a growing problem among the poor. Commentator Jill Vaughan makes a connection.  Go to full article

Calcium Weighs In

The Jefferson County town of Calcium celebrated the dietary benefits of milk, cheese, and yogurt yesterday as a part of the national "Got Milk?" dairy campaign. About 150 people in the Watertown area spent 4 months on a high dairy, low calorie diet and lost an average of 14 pounds each. The diet was based on research by Dr. James Hill of the University of Colorado School of Nutrition, who found eating more calcium causes the body to burn more fat. David Sommerstein talked with participant Tony Bova.  Go to full article

Doctors Warn About Too Much Junk Food, Too Little Exercise

It's not news anymore that Americans are overweight. But the numbers in the North Country are far worse that the national average. The St. Lawrence County Medical Society is speaking out, warning about too much junk food and too little exercise. Martha Foley talks with an area cardiologist, and a longtime pediatrician, about obesity and it's consequences, especially among children.  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Fat & Nutrition

Reducing dietary fat may not have predictable effects on health. A recent study suggests that cholesterol-reducing drugs are more effective at preventing heart disease than reducing fat in food. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss fat, cholesterol, and nutrition.  Go to full article

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