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Occupy Albany protestor in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt
Occupy Albany protestor in early November. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Poll: Majority says Occupy protesters have the right to stay in parks

New York's police commissioner Tuesday defended how officers handled themselves in the mass eviction early that morning, from the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park.

Ray Kelly says the police arrested about 200 people in the sweep, including dozens who tried to resist eviction by linking arms in a tight circle at the center of the park. Arrests also included one city councilman and several journalists.

Meanwhile, a new poll finds many New Yorkers are supportive of the Occupy movement, and a majority believe that they should be allowed to remain in the parks 24 hours a day.  Go to full article
I'd also like to point out that our alumni and our students are occupying Wall Street in a productive way, through employment.

NYS helped and hurt by globalization

A new SUNY report called "New York in the World" asserts that no other state in the nation has seen more benefits -- or suffered more harm -- from globalization. On Friday, the state university hosted the first of six public forums about the issue.  Go to full article
Photo: Karen DeWitt
Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany keeps warm

Weekend snow has not deterred protesters at Occupy Albany, a growing encampment across the street from the State Capitol. The demonstrators are firing up newly-acquired outdoor heaters and planning more actions, including future protests against the expiration of a millionaires tax and the possibility of state worker layoffs. Karen DeWitt paid a visit to the encampment and has this report.  Go to full article
Albany protestor Joe Lombardo. Photo: Karen DeWitt
Albany protestor Joe Lombardo. Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany occupies the Capitol

Around 75 protesters from the Occupy movement chanted and demonstrated inside the State Capitol Thursday. They called Governor Cuomo "Governor 1 percent," and demanded he agree to extend an income tax surcharge on millionaires. Karen DeWitt was there.  Go to full article
Photo: Karen DeWitt
Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany protestors a "sustained presence"

The Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out in Albany plan a rally supporting the state's "millionaire tax," as some organizers lash out at Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Media reports say Cuomo wanted state police to enforce a curfew that would have driven the demonstrators out of the park Friday. But Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, a fellow Democrat, instead allowed demonstrators to stay. There was no comment from Cuomo or Jennings yesterday.

The protesters are camped out across the street from the State Capitol. Yesterday they told Karen DeWitt they have no intention of leaving anytime soon.  Go to full article
Carl McCall
Carl McCall

McCall on SUNY, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Albany

Carl McCall, the newly appointed Chair of the State University of New York Board of Trustees, is no stranger to New York politics and policy making. He spoke with Albany reporter Karen DeWitt about his goals for SUNY, the Occupy Wall Street, and now, the Occupy Albany movement.  Go to full article
Photo: Karen DeWitt
Photo: Karen DeWitt

Occupy Albany protesters chide Cuomo on millionaire's tax

Occupy Albany protesters gathered Friday in a park across from the State Capitol. Among the issues they spoke about was Governor Cuomo's stance against renewing a tax on millionaires. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Im not going to go back and forth with the political winds.

In spite of popular opinion, Cuomo says no to state millionaire's tax

Governor Cuomo is coming under increasing pressure to change his stance against renewing an income tax surcharge on the state's millionaires. A coalition in favor of continuing the tax has rebranded itself, and is gaining strength from the Occupy Wall Street movement. But Cuomo, so far, is not changing his mind.  Go to full article
It is capturing peoples anger at whats going on with the economy.

More New Yorkers would Occupy Wall Street than join Tea Party, poll finds

New Yorkers are more inclined to join the Occupy Wall street movement than they are to become members of the Tea Party, a new survey finds. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details:  Go to full article
I want them to learn that we can make a change and your voice can be heard.

Saranac Lake protestors rally to support Occupy Wall Street

Weeks after the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York City, events inspired by those protests are spreading all over the state and nation. Events have taken place in Syracuse, Plattsburgh and Utica; and there's a march planned in Potsdam for Saturday the 22nd.

In Saranac Lake Thursday, a group of 50 protesters gathered at Riverside Park in a show of solidarity with the thousands of demonstrators who've been occupying public parks around the country.

The Occupy Saranac Lake rally was a peaceful protest organized by the progressive group Voters for Change. As Chris Knight reports, it brought together a wide range of people, all focused around the same message of economic inequality and corporate greed.  Go to full article

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