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Polly McCaffrey, Cooper's Hawk, 2003, oil, canvas, diptych
Polly McCaffrey, Cooper's Hawk, 2003, oil, canvas, diptych

Preview: Polly McCaffrey Exhibit at the Remington

An exhibit that features recent works by a Waddington native is on display at the Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg. Polly McCaffrey grew up along the St. Lawrence and now lives in New York City. Her latest art features dynamic, larger-than-life images of birds, pears, tulips and paper clips. Todd Moe chats with Polly McCaffrey about the fun of abstract art.  Go to full article

Bishop Robert Cunningham: New Leadership For A Diocese Facing Old Hurdles

In May, Bishop Robert Cunningham took over as head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg. Bishop Cunningham will serve as spiritual leader for nearly 130,000 Catholics across the North Country. But he inherits an organization that's struggled in recent years with a shortage of priests and with the church sex scandal. Earlier this year, the diocese removed eight priests from active duty, citing "credible" allegations. Bishop Cunningham sat down recently to talk with Brian Mann about his life, his faith, and the future of the North Country's Catholic
church.  Go to full article

Clinton and McHugh Together for a North Country Tour

There's no doubt about it - Hillary Clinton has star power. The senator drew crowds inside and outside at the Remington Museum in Ogdensburg - the middle stop of a North Country tour Monday with Republican Congressman John McHugh. The two were traveling in tandem to Sackets Harbor, Ogdensburg and Fulton promoting rural economic development legislation they're working on.  Go to full article

Prisoners: North Country Residents?

St. Lawrence County will be exhibit A in a forum at the U.S. Census Bureau today about how the census counts prisoners. An Ohio-based researcher says the county's decision to include prisoners in its legislative districts distorts democracy and may be unconstitutional. As David Sommerstein reports, the move was highly controversial when it was adopted.  Go to full article

Reproductive Rights Advocates to Rally in D.C.

This April, a million reproductive rights supporters, some from the North Country, are expected to gathering Washington, DC for the March for Freedom of Choice. But it won't be the only voice being heard. Anti-abortion groups will counteract with their message of life. Jody Tosti spoke with the heads of two groups who are on opposite sides of this controversial issue.  Go to full article

Nat'l Guard Families Braced for Send-Off

Some 2000 family members and friends filled Fort Drum's McGrath Gymnasium Saturday for an emotional farewell to 700 New York National Guardsmen. The soldiers, many from the North Country, are in the final preparations for a year-long mission in Iraq.
They will soon become the first New York National Guard infantry unit sent into combat since World War Two. They'll replace an active duty combat force serving in Iraq. The 108th's roots date back to 1898 when it was created as a voluntary infantry unit. Today, its members come from all across upstate New York and western Vermont. As David Sommerstein reports, families are bracing themselves for a difficult year ahead.  Go to full article
<i>Guardian</i>, Brittany Bush, age 17, Colton-Pierrepont Central School
Guardian, Brittany Bush, age 17, Colton-Pierrepont Central School

Young Artists Star in Remington Show

Nearly three-dozen works of art by students at schools across St. Lawrence County are on display at the Frederick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg. It's the 7th annual Middle and High School Art Exhibit, which showcases young artists. Todd Moe took a tour of the exhibit with curator Laura Foster, who says the show is an example of how schools and the Remington are nurturing art appreciation.  Go to full article

8 Priests Avoid Prosecution For Alleged Sex Assaults

None of the eight Roman Catholic priests removed from office over the last two years will face criminal prosecution. Officials with the Diocese of Ogdensburg say the statute of limitations for child sex crimes makes it impossible to punish offenders. As Brian Mann reports, St. Lawrence county's district attorney says he wants church officials to provide more information about the cases.  Go to full article

Ogdensburg Diocese Removes 8 Priests

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg says the church has removed eight priests from active ministry since June of 2002. The move follows a new zero-tolerance policy enacted by American bishops, designed to stop sexual abuse of children. As Brian Mann reports, 14 other priests were implicated in the church's North Country investigation.  Go to full article
Rabbis Osdoba, Brook, and Levertov.
Rabbis Osdoba, Brook, and Levertov.

Kosherizing a North Country Cheese Plant

Production resumes this week at Ogdensburg's beleaguered cheese factory. The plant has shut down twice in two years. But its new owner, Ahava Food Corporation of Brooklyn, believes a growing market for kosher foods will pave the way for ambitious growth, including plans to quadruple the plant's workforce. The word 'kosher' refers to ways to produce, prepare, and eat food according to Jewish law. Last week a delegation of rabbis came to Ogdensburg to 'kosherize' the plant, an ambitious task of steaming, scouring, and blowtorching. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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