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News stories tagged with "ohio"

Eight arrested in drug bust

Police arrested eight people and seized more than $1.3 million in cash this week in connection with a large drug smuggling ring operating between the North Country and Ohio. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Midwest Slow on Pollution Controls

In December 2000, several Midwest states considered prime sources of the pollution that produced acid rain in the East failed to submit new pollution control rules to the Environmental Protection Agency on time. There were no penalties ? the EPA granted them more time. The Great Lakes Radio Consoritum?s Natalie Walston reports on one state that just beat the new deadline.  Go to full article

Coal Burning Power Plant Buys Out Angry Neighbors

Coal burning power plants in the Midwest are considered the number one cause of acid rain. Smokestacks pump out tons of sulfur and mercury that drifts north and east, poisoning Adirondack lakes and forests. The toxic pollution is also a threat to small towns that neighbor the power plants. Last summer, "blue clouds of sulfur gas" blanketed the village of Cheshire, Ohio. But rather than clean up their emissions, the utility company has agreed to a surprising solution. American Electric Power is buying the entire town for twenty million dollars. Natalie Walston explains.  Go to full article

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