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Oil companies serve up bio-diesel

For years, environmental activists have been demonstrating that you don't need gasoline to fuel a car. Some people have been retrofitting cars with diesel engines that can be powered by restaurant grease. But with the price of oil soaring in recent years bio-diesel's been getting more popular. Brad Linder reports that it's moving from a fuel for hobbyists to an energy alternative that's even getting the attention of oil companies.  Go to full article

Bush calls for lower Emissions

President Bush has called on federal agencies to develop an energy plan. He wants them to cut oil use and reduce vehicle emissions before he leaves office. But as Dustin Dwyer reports, some environmentalists are not impressed.  Go to full article
Mohawk chief Jim Ransom addresses his Venezuelan guests.
Mohawk chief Jim Ransom addresses his Venezuelan guests.

For Mohawks, CITGO spells relief

Leaders of the St. Regis Mohawks and eleven other tribes from Maine and Minnesota gathered in Akwesasne Tuesday night to give thanks to an unlikely source. CITGO, the U.S. branch of the national oil company of Venezuela, is giving the tribes hundreds of thousands of gallons of free home heating oil this winter. The offer is a part of CITGO's program to help low-income Americans in 16 states heat their homes. As David Sommerstein reports, the gift is simple; its consequences may not be.  Go to full article

Alternative energy subsidies sound policy?

Americans are thinking more about energy. We're facing higher prices. There's worry about climate change. And there are questions about whether our need for foreign oil is forcing the country into wars in the Middle East. Even former oilman President Bush says we have to kick our addiction to oil. But what's the government doing about it? The Environment Report's Stephanie Hemphill looks at our national energy policy and its priorities.  Go to full article

Warming trends to increase energy demands

Researchers say as average temperatures rise in the U.S., the demand for energy will go up as well. the GLRC's Matt Shafer Powell explains.  Go to full article
The Maple Ridge wind farm in Lewis County [source: Horizon Wind Energy]
The Maple Ridge wind farm in Lewis County [source: Horizon Wind Energy]

Wind Offers Hope, Conflict in North Country

New York State has pledged to get 25% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2013. 18% already comes from hydropower. Experts say most of the remaining 7% will come from the wind. And the North Country is poised to play a prime role. 120 turbines are already spinning out power on the Tug Hill Plateau. Two companies have plans to erect hundreds of turbines in Clinton and Franklin counties. And more prospecting is underway from Cape Vincent to Chateaugay. Wind farms can evoke strong reactions, often for aesthetic reasons. But anti-wind groups in the region have a long list of negatives that go far beyond the view. David Sommerstein looks at the issues.  Go to full article

Caught in the Heating Squeeze

Heating oil prices are 23 percent higher statewide than last winter. But the federal funds that help low-income people pay the bills have not increased. That could change today - Congress is considering a modest increase to the Heating Energy Assistance Program, as part of the end of year defense appropriations bill. But it's not clear how much would go to people in need. And that need is real. Gregory Warner joined an oil supplier in the Ausable Valley on his delivery route. He sent us this report.  Go to full article

15 Retailers Fined for Sharp Rise in Gas Prices

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has imposed penalties on 15 gas stations across the state for unfair price gouging in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

County Votes to Drop Heating Fuel Sales Tax

With record fuel prices expected this winter, the St. Lawrence County Finance Committee voted unanimously to suspend all county taxes on heating fuels starting December 1. New York State and the city of Ogdensburg still have to approve the measure.  Go to full article

Anger and Resignation at the Pump

Crude oil prices fell yesterday, after the government said it would tap into its strategic reserve to help stabilize prices. But industry trade groups say releasing the reserves won't necessarily affect gasoline prices. They depend on refinery capacity. And Hurricane Katrina has disrupted capacity, closing down a number of oil refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. Yesterday drivers in the region saw the result. Gas prices shot up by 50 cents or more. There there was considerable variety in prices from pump to pump. One rlower-priced station in Potsdam had a long line of cars - an eerie throwback to the 1970s. In Canton, reporter Gregory Warner set out on his bicycle - hey, we have a budget too - to talk to people fueling at the pumps.  Go to full article

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