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Farmers Market opens in Old Forge

Eating healthy and locally just got easier in the Old Forge area. A brand new Farmers' Market opens this afternoon. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

HUN: A moose that's the "Url" of Old Forge

Standing vigil on the front lawn of the Arts Center in Old Forge is a multi-colored moose statue. This dapper Adirondack icon has attracted the attention of summer visitors, arts patrons and politicians, and is today's "Heard Up North."  Go to full article
Closer to reality - the new arts/sciences center in Old Forge is expected to open early next year
Closer to reality - the new arts/sciences center in Old Forge is expected to open early next year

Old Forge's new "green" arts center

Since the early 1950s, the mission of the Arts Guild of Old Forge has been to serve the central Adirondacks in a culturally sensitive manner reflective of its social, historical and environmental values. That mission remains at the core of the new arts and sciences building under construction in Old Forge. Executive Director Deborah Jones recently gave Todd Moe a tour of the construction site where "green" design and technologies are being utilized. The new building will also boast geothermal heating and cooling and solar power.  Go to full article
Louise Gaylord
Louise Gaylord

Books: Julia Fairchild

Old Forge Hardware hosts summer resident and award-winning author Louise Gaylord Saturday (11am-1pm). She's celebrating the release of her third book, Julia Fairchild. Todd Moe spoke with Louise Gaylord about the book, which centers on protagonist, Julia.  Go to full article

True nature lovers honored this weekend

Eleven New Yorkers, including three North Country residents, will be inducted into the Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame in Utica Saturday. Franklin Cean, of Jefferson County, Robert Brown of Franklin County and Gary Lee, of Inlet, will be honored this weekend for their lifetime of service in the outdoors. Todd Moe spoke with Gary Lee, who spent 35 years as a Forest Ranger in the Old Forge area, about his career and outdoor hobbies.  Go to full article

New book to explore Old Forge fire fighting history

Next year marks the centennial of the Old Forge Fire Department, and a local historian, Peg Masters, is collecting photos and stories about the department's early years. Masters is Town of Webb historian. She's co-author of Old Forge: Gateway to the Adirondacks - a pictorial history of the people, buildings and landscapes of the Fulton Chain of Lakes. Todd Moe spoke with Peg Masters, who's a descendant of John Merritt of Brandon, an early settler in the Adirondacks.  Go to full article

Most of the power restored to western Adks

National Grid wants to hear from customers who are still without power from Sunday's wind and snow storm. Spokesman Patrick Stella says over 42,000 people lost power during the worst of the storm. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Crews search for hunters after snowstorm

Rescue crews continue their work in the Moose River Plains area of the western Adirondacks, freeing hunters stranded by deep snow and downed trees. As Brian Mann reports, one lost hunter was rescued yesterday by a state police helicopter.  Go to full article

Storm hits western Adirondacks hard

The towns of Webb and Inlet declared a state of emergency on Sunday, following high winds and a foot of lake-effect snow that fell in some areas. Some homes around Old Forge remain without power this morning. As Brian Mann reports, the storm also reportedly trapped hunters in the woods.  Go to full article

Adirondack Canoe Classic set for start

The 90-mile Adirondack Canoe Classic started this morning in Old Forge. It's a well-orgainzed but motley event -- everything from war cnoes to sleek solo canoes. Families, couples, professionals are all in for three straight days along one of the great canoe and carry routes in the counrty. Martha Foley talked with organizer Brian McDonnell at 7 this morning. The first question is always the weather.  Go to full article

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