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Hershey?s to close Smiths Falls plant

Last week's announcement that Hershey's will close their factory in Smiths Falls, Ontario, may seem like a tempest in a teapot. But it resonates, for several reasons. Losing over 400 jobs is a heavy blow. Countless out-of-town shoppers will miss the place--and the whole area will miss their spending. Lastly, the loss exemplifies challenges facing communities across North America, as manufacturing jobs move elsewhere. Lucy Martin has more.  Go to full article

Hershey's may close Smiths Falls plant

Last Thursday, the Hershey Company announced job cuts would be part of a three-year restructuring plan. On Friday, workers at Hershey's Smiths Falls facility in Ontario, were notified that their entire plant may be closed. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Historical photo of downtown
Historical photo of downtown

Brockville celebrates "evolution," not revolution

175 years ago, Brockville became the first self-governing town in all of present-day Ontario. The little city on the St. Lawrence River was ahead of Kingston and York (the future metropolis of Toronto). To begin a year's worth of celebration, Brockville put on a show at the town's Art Centre in late January. Re-enactors in period costumes, including the mayor and the city council, presented a series of vignettes narrated in "You Are There" style. Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin sent in this report.  Go to full article

Through rain, sleet, snow: the morning paper route

Even after TV and the internet, for many, the morning paper remains a familiar ritual. Making sure that paper is there -- on time -- can be quite the daily chore--especially on the worst days of winter. There's a small army of delivery people out early every day, doing their best. People like Eva Clement. Last December, Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin asked if she could tag along on Eva's rounds. It happened to be the first snow storm of the winter.  Go to full article
Candidate signs along Ontario road
Candidate signs along Ontario road

It's election day in Ontario

Ottawa's mayoral race headlines municipal elections today in Ontario. The city has a population of nearly million, and budget of just over two billion dollars. The main issues are no surprise - managing taxes and growth while maintaining services. But the three-way contest is a surprise. Bob Chiarelli had looked like a safe bet for a third term. But polls now show the incumbent now trailing two challengers. Lucy Martin reports.  Go to full article
Peggy Bakker
Peggy Bakker

Rural Ontario market offers global crafts and culture

What if your family could combine a love of travel with a knack for shopping, and turn it all into a big, shared adventure? That's the attraction of "The Third World Bazaar," a popular fall happening outside of urban Ottawa. Pegger Bakker, her husband Dick, and their two teens tend their bazaar in an unheated barn that's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. All four Bakkers travel extensively on buying trips. They make a point of getting to know their suppliers, to practice something called "Fair Trade." They regroup in the fall, selling their harvest of global crafts and culture for just six weekends in October and November. Lucy Martin has more.  Go to full article
The American eel
The American eel

Eel release "grand experiment"

Biologists in Canada are taking extreme measures to prevent the disappearance of a mysterious and fascinating fish. For the first time ever, they've stocked the St. Lawrence River with 144,000 American eels. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Quilt marathon in Ontario

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in the US and Canada. The odds are similar no matter which side of the border you're on. In Canada, one woman in nine will be diagnosed with breast cancer over her lifetime. And one in 27 will die from it. While researchers seek better treatments -- perhaps even a cure -- regular folks find their own ways to help. Lucy Martin dropped by a 30-hour "Quilt Marathon" in rural Ontario that managed to raise $32,000 for cancer support programs.  Go to full article
Site plan for the Lost Villages Museum in Ault Park, Ontario
Site plan for the Lost Villages Museum in Ault Park, Ontario

Heard up North: "Inundation Day"

So, what's it like to watch your town go underwater? Gregory Warner spoke with Jane Craig. She's director of the "Lost Villages Museum" in Ault (ALT) Park, Ontario. It's a museum for the 10 Canadian villages lost on July 1st, 1958, "Inundation Day," when the hydrodams went up and the Seaway expanded. It's kind of a theme park where you can find the actual buildings rescued from the villages. There's a working general store, log cabin, barber shop, schoolhouse, resource centre, blacksmith shop, corn crib, railway station and church. If anyone was mourning the loss it would seem to be Jane Craig. But she says it was kind of exciting.  Go to full article

Tales from a bird sale

Bird fanciers gathered in Manotick, Ontario for a Fall bird sale recently. Lucy Martin stopped by. She spoke with Barbara Schaffer of North Gower, young Marissa of Amherst Island, near Kingston, and an anonymous observer with a cautionary tale about the reponsibilities of pet ownership.  Go to full article

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