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Quilter for life

Hobbies make life richer, and you're never too old, or too young, to find one that's right for you. Donna James swapped a classroom full of 8th graders for a new world of fabric, patterns and needles. Her only regret is not taking it up sooner. At a recent quilt show in Manotick, Ontario, she explains why she loves quilting.  Go to full article

Serendipity on the St. Lawrence

Before our weather turns too cool -- one more trip out on the St. Lawrence River. Todd Moe visits photographer Ian Coristine on Raleigh Island, his seasonal home, for a chat about his latest book of photographs. River residents and visitors have probably seen Coristine aloft in his red ultralight aircraft searching the Thousand Islands for the perfect photo.  Go to full article
James Smith sculpts the statue of St. Lawrence
James Smith sculpts the statue of St. Lawrence

Statue honors St. Lawrence River's namesake

Many boaters ply the St. Lawrence, but few likely have a clue who St. Lawrence was. Todd Moe has the story of the third century Spanish saint and a new statue in his honor unveiled this month in Ontario.  Go to full article
Pat Johnson live on <i>The Blue Note</i> in 2003
Pat Johnson live on The Blue Note in 2003

Preview: Canadian bluesman Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson is one of eastern Ontario's busiest musicians, and he's marking the release of his second solo CD with a couple of special music events later this week. Joel Hurd has a preview.  Go to full article
Sheep dog portrait by artist Michael Walker
Sheep dog portrait by artist Michael Walker

Kingston hosts sheep dog trials

Some of North America's best herding dogs will be in Kingston this weekend for the 19th annual Sheep Dog Trials. It's a competitive dog sport in which dogs move sheep around a field, fences, gates, or enclosures as directed by their handlers. More than a hundred dogs have been registered for the Kingston event. This weekend's trials are the largest of their kind in Canada and attract a number of local, national and North American champion sheep dogs. Todd Moe talks with the trainer of the current North American champion.  Go to full article
From left: mill manager Isabelle Geoffrion, Lucy Martin, and senior miller Mike Maguire.
From left: mill manager Isabelle Geoffrion, Lucy Martin, and senior miller Mike Maguire.

Volunteers keep Watson's Mill alive

Watson's Mill is one of many postcard-pretty Ontario destinations. It opened for business in 1860 on the Rideau River in Manotick. It's still the town's main landmark. In their time, water-powered mills represented a high degree of technical sophistication. They still serve as fascinating reminders of how--and where--settlements took hold along North America's rivers. Watson's Mill comes alive in the summer -- full of the noise of water, turbines, grindstones, and people. Lucy Martin followed two modern enthusiasts who help keep it all turning.  Go to full article

On Horseback, for Body and Spirit

Therapeutic riding programs put children and adults who might otherwise never get their feet into stirrups on horseback. It's fun -- with a purpose. The skills needed to ride -- even the movement of the horse itself -- all have therapeutic value for people with physical or mental disabilities. Lucy Martin visited the Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa-Carleton, called "TROtt", in Greely, Ontario.  Go to full article
Colm Feore
Colm Feore

People: Actor Colm Feore

During her recent visit to Canada's Stratford Festival, NCPR theatre critic Connie Meng had a chance to sit down with Colm Feore, one of the leading men at Stratford this season. Feore is an award-winning theatre, film and television actor best known for his portrayal of Pierre Trudeau in a 2002 TV mini-series. Connie had questions for him about theatre and cooking.  Go to full article

Shakespeare Fest Opens

NCPR's resident theatre critic Connie Meng recently returned from a weekend of theatre at the 2006 Stratford Shakespeare Festival. She told Todd Moe it was an exciting weekend.  Go to full article

Update From Toronto: Neighbor To Neighbor

Details of an alleged terror plot in Canada continue to emerge. As does more information about the operation leading to arrests in Ontario Friday. Brian Mann is in Toronto, spending time in Muslim neighborhoods there. He's also tracking reports that suggest some of the plot now appears not to have been as well developed, or sophisticated as it first looked. He spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

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