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Students hit the fashion runway in Heuvelton
Students hit the fashion runway in Heuvelton

From trash to fashion in Heuvelton

Earlier this month the Heuvelton Central School Art Club held its fourth annual Wearable Art Show. It was a fashion program that featured clothing from found or recycled materials. Trophies were awarded for "most original", "best use of materials" and "most sophisticated". Heuvelton art teacher Sally Hartman and some of her students told Todd Moe they worked for weeks on their fashion creations. Styrofoam packing peanuts, plastic shopping bags, soda bottles and tin can lids were transformed into dresses, shirts, pants and jewelry. This was an opportunity to make something wonderful from things that are left over or thrown away.  Go to full article

Open Studio: Going Green (full program)

Going Green--a Colton artist talks about inspiration & the outdoors, watercolorist Pamela Meacher & the natural world, recycled poems, rock with Ten Cent Green.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Editing Old Poems is Like a Cuban Taxi

Giving Voice goes green this month on the theme of "Repair, Reuse, Recycle." We repair to the Readers & Writers archive from April 2006 to reuse a poem by Dale Hobson about recycling old poems into new ones: "Editing Old Poems is Like a Cuban Taxi."  Go to full article
Pamela Meacher
Pamela Meacher

Books: "Emily's Perils and Poisons"

Green, recycle, reuse, and the environment are themes in tonight's show. Canadian artist Pamela Meacher got her start in the arts studying dance as a young girl. The long-time painter and nature enthusiast was an exhibitor at the Canada Blooms garden show in Toronto last spring. She's studied ceramics in Montreal, oil painting in Ottawa and life studies in Toronto. She spent years creating large oil canvases before switching to the delicate botanically-styled native flora she's so well-known for. She told Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin her latest journey into the publishing world has been very worthwhile.  Go to full article

Art "word of the month": revise

This month's word gives artists a chance to look critically at what was written or created. The Roman poet Horace thought one should wait nine years before revising a work, but that's a bit much. Some artists make dozens of changes before unveiling a creation. A local composer helps us understand how composers, like Beethoven, made changes in their scores.  Go to full article

Giving Voice: Poet Matt Frank

Matt Frank is a recent arrival in the North Country, coming here via Illinois, Alaska and Phoenix. A poet and a food writer, he teaches English and creative writing at Jefferson County Community College, and makes his home in Alexandria Bay. For our Giving Voice series, he talks with Dale Hobson about his writing, and about the sometimes painful process of growing as a writer. He reads the poem "The Dressmaker's Dummy" from his collection, Sagittarius Agitprop.  Go to full article

Epiphany Theatre moves upstate

For the last couple of years there's been a new theater in Saratoga Springs. That community's first year-round professional theater is in the midst of transition, or move, from New York City to Saratoga Springs. Epiphany Theatre presents four productions a year and lots of educational outreach to young theatergoers. But, wait moving from New York City to Upstate? Shouldn't that be the other way around? Epiphany Theater co-founder and producing director Amy Kaissar told Todd Moe that the theater's motto is art for the community.  Go to full article

A Swedish rite of spring

It's spring and there is no shortage of rituals and traditions surrounding the arrival of the season of renewal. Many early peoples celebrated for the basic reason that their food supplies would soon be restored. Longer days and more sunlight are a big deal here in the North Country, as well as parts of Canada, Alaska and northern Europe. Colton artist Irja Boden grew up in Sweden where longer days begin as a speck on the late-winter horizon.  Go to full article

Art ?word of the month?: solfege

This month's word has its origins in early music, the Von Trapp Singers sang about it and an alien signed it in Steven Spielberg's film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Some say it's as easy as do-re-mi... Todd Moe spoke with Ciara Picard, a student at the Crane School of Music in Potsdam. She's majoring in music education and violin, and helped define our "Word of the Month" - solfege.  Go to full article
<i>Northbound</i>: Donnie, Kevin, Michael, and Larry
Northbound: Donnie, Kevin, Michael, and Larry

Open Studio (complete program)

Open Studio focuses on growing and evolving in the arts. We talk with Amy Kaissar, of Epiphany Theatre, about moving the theatre and its programs from New York City to Saratoga Springs. Co-host Beth Robinson chats with young musicians competing in the Orchestra of Northern New York's Young Artist Competition. In the Giving Voice segment poet Matt Frank talks about growing as a writer. And Northbound joins us for a mix of folk, acoustic and classic rock.  Go to full article

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