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After Tough Olympics, Lake Placid Sled Teams Rebuild

Two months after a disappointing run at the Winter Olympics in Torino, the U-S Bobsled and Skeleton Federation has named a new acting director. Terry Kent is a former Olympian who has been sports director with the Lake Placid-based Federation for two years. Kent takes over following a series of scandals involving former skeleton coach Tim Nardiello. The team's top men's slider, Zach Lund, was also disqualified for using a banned hair-growth supplement. Leading women's slider, Noelle Pikus-Pace, was sidelines by injuries. The Federation accounted for a third of America's gold medals in 2002, but only claimed one silver medal in Torino. The controversy exposed deep rifts with US Olympic Committee officials in Park City. Kent told Brian Mann that he plans to rebuild and hopes to keep the organization in Lake Placid.  Go to full article

Snowboarder Dies At Whiteface

A Swedish snowboarder died yesterday after falling during a snowboardcross training run at Whiteface Montain. Twenty-six year-old Jonathan Johannson had competed at last month's Winter Olympic games. He was in Lake Placid as part of World Cup snowboarding competition. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article
Nancie Battaglia in Italian Alps
Nancie Battaglia in Italian Alps

The Olympics Done, Memories of Food and Games

The Winter Olympics are all done in Turin, Italy. It was a rocky few weeks for some of America's athletes. Lake Placid's sled teams fell far short of the medal count that they racked up four years ago in Salt Lake City. The U.S. Hockey team melted down. Brian Mann has been checking in with Lake Placid photographer Nancie Battaglia, who was our correspondent at the games. She's back home now and told Brian that the Winter Olympics had plenty of highs as well as lows.  Go to full article

Ski Experts, Doctors Embrace Helmets

A new report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says ski helmets can reduce head injuries by sixty percent. Researchers in Norway conducted the study. Last week, the International Ski Federation responded by formally recommending that all skiers and snowboarders wear head protection. Brian Mann first reported on ski helmet safety in the winter of 2004. He found that helmets are still unpopular with many skiers.

Note: Brian's report first aired in the winter of 2004. So far this year, one skier has died at Gore Mountain. Another 15-year-old skier suffered serious head trauma. Both were wearing helmets.  Go to full article

When Top Skaters Are Injured, Some Blame the Skates

Sasha Cohen has extended the US medal streak in women's figure skating to 11 consecutive Olympics. Cohen landed the silver medal, finishing second behind Japan's Shizuka Arakawa. World champion Irina Slutskaya was the bronze medal winner. Americans Kimmie Meissner and Emily Hughes took the sixth and seventh spots. It was a beautiful, but grueling, evening. Cohen fell twice, on her first two jumps. Slutskaya fell once in her performance. The stadium was sold out, as usual. Figure skating is among the most popular events at the Winter Games. It's one of the most graceful sports. It's also one of the most punishing for young athletes. This year, Michele Kwan was forced to bow out because of injuries. Sasha Cohen competed despite a reported pulled groin muscle. Some critics blame the high rate of injuries on the design of boots and skates first invented a century ago. Brian Mann has the story.  Go to full article

One Skier Killed, One Injured at Gore Mt.

A 56-year-old skier was killed and a teenager suffered head trauma in separate accidents yesterday at the Gore Mountain Ski area. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin just before their crash (N. Battaglia)
Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin just before their crash (N. Battaglia)

A Tough Week For American Olympic Sledders

It's been a tough week so far for America's sled racers in Turin, Italy. Katie Uehlander, who races on the skeleton sled, finished in a disappointing sixth place yesterday. Women's luge hopeful Samantha Retrosi, from Lake Placid, crashed on Monday and suffered a concussion. Doubles luge racers Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette, both from Lake Placid, also crashed Wednesday on Turin's highly technical sled track. Our correspondent Nancie Battaglia has been watching the races. She told Brian Mann that Grimmette and Martin had real hopes for winning gold.  Go to full article
Samantha Retrosi transported by ambulance (N. Battaglia)
Samantha Retrosi transported by ambulance (N. Battaglia)

Saranac Lake Slider Crashes At Olympics

North Country luge racers Samantha Retrosi and Erin Hamlin competed Monday afternoon at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Samantha Retrosi, from Saranac Lake, crashed on her second run and apparently suffered a mild concussion. Erin Hamlin finished in 17th place. Brian Mann spoke a few minutes ago with Nancie Battaglia from Lake Placid, our correspondent in Turin. She was trackside when Samantha lost control of her sled.  Go to full article

Sled Federation Fires Coach

The Lake Placid based U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Federation has fired head coach Tim Nardiello. Nardiello was dismissed Friday after he traveled to Switzerland last week, hoping to coach skeleton sled racers as they prepare for this week's opening of the Winter Olympics. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Blazer Returns to ORDA

The Olympic Regional Development Authority has a new president and CEO. And he's a familiar face. Ted Blazer was unanimously re-appointed to his old job Tuesday by the ORDA Board of Directors. Up until his departure last summer, Blazer oversaw millions of dollars in upgrades and improvements at Whiteface, Gore Mountain, and at the Olympic venues in Lake Placid. As Chris Knight reports, his return is being praised by local officials.  Go to full article

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