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Clinton County Child Dies On 4-wheeler

State police say an eight-year-old boy was killed Sunday afternoon while riding an ATV in Schuyler Falls in Clinton County. Jordan Burdick was apparently trapped when the vehicle rolled. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article
Lake Placid's 25th Anniversary of the 1980 Games (Source:  ORDA)
Lake Placid's 25th Anniversary of the 1980 Games (Source: ORDA)

Lake Placid Remembered as the Last Small Town Winter Olympics

Over the last two weeks, Lake Placid has been celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics. The Lake Placid games are remembered for amazing sports moments -- Eric Heiden's five gold medals for speedskating. America's hockey win over the Russians. But the Lake Placid games are also remembered as one of the last small-town games. As Brian Mann reports, there's deep nostalgia for an Olympic era before big money and television changed sports forever.  Go to full article
Hockey coach Herb Brooks
Hockey coach Herb Brooks

Herb Brooks Remembered: By Author & By World

The 1980 Olympic skating rink in Lake Placid will be renamed to honor Herb Brooks, the man who coached the U.S. Olympic hockey team to its stunning gold-medal victory 25 years ago. It was renamed last night in his honor and will now be known as the Herb Brooks Arena. Lake Placid officials described Brooks as "a symbol of America". Patti Brooks, his wife, told the Associated Press that she was "really proud". "He wouldn't have liked it," she said, describing her husband as a modest man. "He would have probably been in the back." Herb Brooks died 18 months ago in a car accident. Last night's ceremony in Lake Placid featured 35 members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team and included 18 of the 20 members of the hockey team.

Brian Mann spoke with Wayne Coffey, a sports writer for the New York Daily News. He's just written a new book about Herb Brooks and the 1980 Olympic hockey team called "The Boys of Winter".  Go to full article
Lake Placid Olympic Torch<br />Source:  Erica & David Henry
Lake Placid Olympic Torch
Source: Erica & David Henry

Olympic Torch Extinguished in Lake Placid, No Money for Fuel

The Olympic Torch in Lake Placid was relit last weekend as part of the 25th anniversary of the 1980 Winter Games. But officials at the Olympic Regional Development Authority say the flame had to be extinguished because there wasn't enough money to pay for the fuel needed to keep it burning. Chris Knight has our story.  Go to full article

Snow Drought "A Disaster" For North Country Tourism

Rain fell again yesterday across much of the North Country. The shortage of snow this winter has been brutal for anyone in the north country who likes to ski or snowmobile. The season has been even more painful for business owners who rely on winter tourists. One group of tourism advocates now say the "snow drought" could qualify the region for economic disaster relief. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
APA Chairman Ross Whaley Called For Further Review
APA Chairman Ross Whaley Called For Further Review

Special Report: APA Staff Divided On Big Tupper Great Camps

The Adirondack Park Agency is reviewing a proposed resort development in Tupper Lake that would mean construction of more than 800 vacation homes and condos. A cornerstone of the project are the 25 "great camp" sized lots that would spread over roughly two thousand acres. Environmentalists and some locals say the great camp subdivision could damage the forest and disrupt wildlife habitat. An APA report issued last month played down those concerns. But an investigation by North Country Public Radio has found that members of the Park Agency's own review team were deeply troubled by the project. As Brian Mann reports, their recommendations were over-ruled by the APA's executive team and their environmental concerns were never made public.  Go to full article

Environment Impacts of "Exurban Development" Like Big Tupper Poorly Understood

The Big Tupper resort development is widely seen as the first big crest of a development wave that's hitting privately owned forestland across the Adirondack Park. Brian Mann spoke with Heidi Kretser, a graduate student at Cornell University who's studying the impact of "exurban" development on northeastern forests. She says a lot of questions are still unanswered.  Go to full article

A Classic Canoe Route, Perfect For X-Country Skis

Over the weekend, temperatures in the Adirondacks topped sixty degrees. There's not much snow in the backcountry, but many lakes still have a solid layer of ice - and people are still getting outdoors. Brian Mann skied the route of the 7 carries -- a traditional canoe route north of Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

Snowmobile Crash Kills 2 At Paul Smiths College

A Paul Smiths College student and his passenger were killed on Sunday when their snowmobile hit a rock on Lower St. Regis Lake. Twenty-year-old Joshua Rau and twenty-year-old Kristine Guest, were both pronounced dead at the scene by investigators. As Brian Mann reports, the fatal accident was the second to strike the college campus in a week.  Go to full article
No. 50 Bob Cowser, on the bench (above) and in the game.
No. 50 Bob Cowser, on the bench (above) and in the game.

Dream Season: St. Lawrence Professor Plays Semi-Pro Football

Superbowl weekend is upon us. For most football fans, this is a time for armchair quarterbacking in the purest sense of the word. We shout at the referees and the coaches and the players, but most of us have never worn a uniform or taken a hit from a 250-pound lineman. St. Lawrence University English professor Bob Cowser has written a book, called "Dream Season: A College Professor Joins America's Oldest Semi-professional Football Team" about his experience, returning to football in middle age. Cowser played defensive end in 2001 for the Watertown Red and Black, the oldest semi-pro team in the country, and a dominant force in the Empire Football League. After his season with the Watertown Red and Black, Cowser helped to co-found a new semi-pro team, the St. Lawrence Valley Trailblazers. He spoke with Brian Mann about the realities - and the subtleties - of playing a violent sport.  Go to full article

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