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UNYTEA drops Hoffman in NY-23

In the North Country's 23rd Congressional District, UNYTEA ended its support for Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. The Tea Party group has not endorsed Republican primary winner Matt Doheny.

Mark Barie is chairman of UNYTEA, which claims around a thousand members across the region. He tells Jonathan Brown the group's steering committee met with Doheny yesterday.  Go to full article
Mark Barie (File photo)
Mark Barie (File photo)

Tea Party leader doubts Hoffman's chances

Another big player in this year's campaign is Mark Barie, organizer of the UNYTEA tea party group in Plattsburgh.

Barie has been a staunch supporter of Doug Hoffman and once described him as the only true conservative running in the NY-23 race. But Barie said yesterday that he is dismayed by Hoffman's decision to stay in the race, despite losing the GOP primary. He spoke with Brian Mann.  Go to full article
Mark Barie, co-founder of UNYTEA
Mark Barie, co-founder of UNYTEA

Tea Party leader says movement is "bigger" than Doug Hoffman

Two days after the Republican primary in the 23rd district, the election drama continues.

Doug Hoffman issued his first statement late yesterday afternoon calling the race "fluid." Hoffman said "thousands of absentee and military ballots remain to be counted," adding -quote--"There is no clear victor."

Watertown businessman Matt Doheny still holds a lead of roughly six hundred votes. But at least 1700 absentee ballots remain to be counted. It remains unclear whether Hoffman will continue in the campaign as a third-party Conservative.

Meanwhile yesterday one of Hoffman's closest allies through the primary told North Country Public Radio that the Hoffman campaign had been mismanaged and is "no longer viable." Mark Barie, head of UNYTEA, says he will "throw Doug Hoffman under the bus" if that's what it takes to beat Democrat Bill Owens in November. Barie spoke with Brian Mann last night.  Go to full article
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) (File photo)
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) (File photo)

NY-23: Owens launches fall campaign, decrying "pessimism and anger"

While Republicans are still sorting out their primary results from this week's election in the 23rd district, Democrat Bill Owens began broadcasting his first campaign ad yesterday.

Owens, a businessman and attorney from Plattsburgh, holds a sizable fundraising lead over his Republican and Conservative opponents.

Owens faces a national mood that appears to be running strongly against Democrats.

But he enters the fall campaign with a unified party, and support from at least some Republicans.

Owens spoke yesterday with Brian Mann about the contest going forward.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny addresses supporters. Photo: Mike Benjamin, WRVO
Matt Doheny addresses supporters. Photo: Mike Benjamin, WRVO

NY-23: Doheny leads, no Hoffman concession

Last night, Watertown Republican Matt Doheny asserted victory following a see-saw political battle that went on for more than two hours after polls closed.

"I look forward to making sure that the people of the 23rd congressional district have a conservative alternative," Doheny said, in an interview with YNN TV.

At one point, Doug Hoffman -- the tea party insurgent from Lake Placid -- led by more than 500 hundred votes. But with an unofficial tally completed, the Associated Press called the race for Doheny, who held a lead of roughly 450 votes. Doheny urged Hoffman not to run on the Conservative Party line.

Just after 1 a.m., the National Republican Congressional Committee echoed Doheny's victory claim. The GOP argued that Doheny had established himself as the candidate with "the experience to help turn around the ailing economy and bring much-needed jobs to the North Country."

The outcome was a blow to Hoffman supporters who gathered at the Red Fox restaurant in Saranac Lake. Jim Gallagher, who retired from the Air Force and lives now in Peru, described the apparent defeat as heartbreaking.

"I'm a firm believer that we need to get the Republican Party back to its conservative roots," he said. Gallagher -- like others here -- said he would not shift his support to Doheny.

At the end of last night, as both political camps packed up to go home, Doug Hoffman still had not addressed his supporters or journalists. A campaign aide made a brief appearance and said, "You will not see Doug Hoffman tonight."

That peculiar decision -- which angered many journalists who had waited more than four hours for a chance to speak with the candidate -- calls into question Hoffman's commitment to soldiering on with the Conservative Party. Hoffman is expected to make a statement about his plans on Wednesday morning.

This outcome sets the stage for a likely show down between Doheny and Plattsburgh Democrat Bill Owens.

One important dynamic last night was geography, with Hoffman commanding the eastern half of the 23rd district and Doheny dominating in the western counties. That same pattern could hold true in the general election, with the Republican and Democrat hailing from opposite sides of the 23rd.  Go to full article

Hoffman confirms that he'll stay in NY-23 race even if he loses GOP primary

Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman says he will continue his fight to win the 23rd district House seat, even if he loses the GOP primary later this month.

Hoffman will appear on the Conservative Party ballot line and says he's promised to continue campaigning against Republican Matt Doheny and Democrat Bill Owens.

As Brian Mann reports, the decision has infuriated many Republican leaders.

And it raises questions about the Republican Party's ability to take back a seat that had been a GOP stronghold since before the Civil War.  Go to full article
Matt Doheny (left) hoped to convince Republicans that he's a movement conservative. Doug Hoffman hopes his fame from last year's special election will carry him to victory this year.
Matt Doheny (left) hoped to convince Republicans that he's a movement conservative. Doug Hoffman hopes his fame from last year's special election will carry him to victory this year.

NY-23: In fierce debate, Hoffman and Doheny land punches

Matt Doheny and Doug Hoffman slugged it out last night in Plattsburgh, when the two Republicans met for their first debate.

They're fighting for the chance to face Democratic Representative Bill Owens in the November election.

With the primary just two weeks away, both men agreed on most of the issues.

But they spent ninety minutes questioning each other's integrity and arguing over who has the best shot to reclaim a House seat that was once a Republican stronghold.

As Brian Mann reports, more than 200 people turned out to hear what the two men had to say.  Go to full article
Doug Hoffman (File photo)
Doug Hoffman (File photo)

Hoffman campaigns in Port Henry, where GOP is divided

The UNYTEA tea party group held a meeting last night in Port Henry to support Doug Hoffman, one of the two Republicans in this year's 23rd district primary race.

Hoffman faces fellow-Republican Matt Doheny, who has won support from most Republican leaders in the district.

As Brian Mann reports, this contest within the GOP may be building toward a divided ticket in the fall.  Go to full article
Rep. Bill Owens
Rep. Bill Owens

Owens pushes guest worker program

Congressman Bill Owens says he supports a guest worker program for farms. And he thinks it should be separated from the broader debate over immigration. The Democrat from Plattsburgh toured North Country farms last week, hearing from farmers that the federal government's H2A work visa program is slow and bureaucratic. Dairy farmers, who need year-round workers, not seasonal ones, can't even use the program. Owens believes the Ag Jobs bill needs to be separated from more contentious issues, like Arizona's immigration law and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. As a part of our series, Story 2.0, we'll hear from Malone vegetable farmer Ralph Child about why the H2A program is a hassle.  Go to full article
Republican candidate is hoping that a local, bread-and-butter message will win Republican Support.  (Photo: Doheny campaign)
Republican candidate is hoping that a local, bread-and-butter message will win Republican Support. (Photo: Doheny campaign)

Republican Matt Doheny hopes to win with local issues in the NY-23 primary

This summer, we're checking in with the candidates vying for seats in congress, asking about the issues that are shaping their campaigns. One of the fiercest contests is the Republican primary for the 23rd district, which stretches from Watertown to Plattsburgh to Saranac Lake.

Doug Hoffman is a favorite of tea party activists and national conservative groups. But Matt Doheny has drawn widespread support from the North Country's Republican Party. Brian Mann caught up with Doheny campaigning in Willsboro and has our story.  Go to full article

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