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Paramedics Joe Connelly(L) & Phil Suarez in NorDijhia carrying sick baby (Source:  Phil Suarez)
Paramedics Joe Connelly(L) & Phil Suarez in NorDijhia carrying sick baby (Source: Phil Suarez)

North Country Paramedic in Pakistan's Quake Zone

Over the last year, North Country soldiers, National Guardsmen, and volunteers have been helping people around the world recover from natural disasters. Gulf Coast hurricanes and the tsunami in Southeast Asia have drawn much of the attention. But one of the most devastating natural disasters was a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck on October 8. The quake flattened villages in a remote region of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Aid groups say as many as 3 million victims are still at risk from disease and exposure. Joe Connelly returned earlier this month from the mountain valleys of Pakistan. Connelly is a paramedic, who divides his time between North Creek and New York City. He spent two weeks volunteering, bringing medical treatment to people in some of the hardest-hit and most secluded villages. He spoke with Brian Mann.

Note: Portions of this interview include graphic descriptions of injury and death.  Go to full article

Pakistani Refugees Leave U.S. By Way of Plattsburgh

Hundreds of Pakistani refugees are traveling through the North Country, on their way to the Canadian border. Some have lived in the US for years. But now the Bush Administration wants Pakistani men and other Muslims who aren't American citizens to register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. As Brian Mann reports, many are choosing to flee instead, traveling through Plattsburgh to reach Canada's border.  Go to full article

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