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News stories tagged with "paranormal"

The crew from SLAPS at a home in Ogdensburg.
The crew from SLAPS at a home in Ogdensburg.

Hunting for things that go bump in the night

Surf the web and cable TV this week and you'll likely run across a program, article or website about the paranormal. It is, after all, nearly Halloween.

Over the past decade the ghost-hunting genre has led to about a dozen reality TV shows like Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters. You probably know the plot line: part time investigators with the latest high tech gadgets visit an old hotel, Victorian home or abandoned hospital - supposedly haunted. They wait until late into the night to begin their investigation and usually end up scaring each other. Contrived to scare viewers, it is some of the most popular stuff on TV.

Todd Moe tags along with a group of North Country paranormal investigators. These volunteer "ghost busters" spend evenings helping local homeowners explain the unexplainable. They're not out for the scream or the sensationalism - it's mostly out of curiosity.  Go to full article
Ghost tour guide Stuart Lehman.
Ghost tour guide Stuart Lehman.

Chilling tales (of a different sort) from the state Capitol building

If the state's looming budget deficit isn't scary enough, visitors can take this month's tour showcasing the ghost stories and legends in New York's gothic style Capitol building. Correspondent Karen DeWitt leads us on a tour of Albany's things that go bump in the night.  Go to full article

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