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It's certainly not fair that if someone doesn't pay their water bill, we shut their water off...yet they're renting our fields...not paying.

Audit finds Watertown parks & rec mismanagement

Watertown's baseball team nearly left town recently after revelations it owed the city more than $40,000. The Watertown Wizards play in the summer collegiate league, and has produced some professional players. The team hadn't paid for use of city-owned fields for several seasons.

It turns out that was because the city's Parks and Recreation department wasn't collecting its bills. The results of an audit released this week slams the department. Watertown correspondent Joanna Richards has more.  Go to full article
Advocates want more funding for sites like Crown Point
Advocates want more funding for sites like Crown Point

NY parks see surge of visitors

Attendance at New York's parks and historic sites soared last year, with more than a million additional people making visits.

That surge followed a threat last spring by Governor David Paterson to close dozens of sites, including John Browns Farm near Lake Placid and the Crown Point Fort in the Champlain Valley.

The state restored $11 million to keep those areas open. But a new report by two advocacy groups found that funding has still declined by more than $30 million in recent years, leaving many parks understaffed and in need of repair. Chris Morris reports.  Go to full article

BREAKING: Paterson says there's a parks opening deal

AP -
New York Gov. David Paterson says an agreement has been reached to keep all 178 state parks open for the Memorial Day weekend.
The Paterson administration has listed 41 parks and 14 of the
state's 35 historic sites for closing, along with service cuts at
others, to help close the state's budget gap.
Speaking on WOR radio 710's ``The John Gambling Show,'' Paterson
said negotiations that ended early Thursday morning would provide
$11 million for full operations this year, offset by money from the
Environmental Protection Fund, which would be cut by about $74
Lawmakers, who wanted smaller EPF cuts and balked at Paterson's
proposal earlier in the week, are expected to vote on the plan
later in the day. (Details on North Country parks in The Inbox. Listen for more on All Before Five, 4:45 today.)  Go to full article
Mary Island State Park in the Thousand Islands is on the closure list.
Mary Island State Park in the Thousand Islands is on the closure list.

Governor's option to open parks comes with strings attached

Some lawmakers are reacting angrily to Governor Paterson's bill to restore funding for New York's parks because it's embedded in a broader measure to reduce dedicated environmental spending.

The administration announced earlier this year it wants to close 41 parks and 14 historic sites - including many in the North Country. Eight have found at least partial private funding, but with Memorial Day weekend approaching there is still uncertainty about the rest.

The governor has offered an option to open all the parks by the weekend, but it would pay for the parks - and lots of other things - by raiding the Environmental Protection Fund.

An annoyed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver yesterday called the governor's proposal ``inappropriate.'' He said lawmakers could wind up passing a mandate to open all parks. Paterson could veto that as he seeks to cut spending in a fiscal crisis. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

State parks in limbo

The State's Parks Commissioner says the late state budget is further impacting parks in New York that Governor Paterson has slated for closure. Carol Ash says the parks are in limbo until the legislature restores the funding, unable to hire seasonal workers, and in the meantime restrooms remain shut and grass needs mowing. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Campaigning online?and on foot?against proposed closures of state parks

When the state wrestles with tight budgets, it's common for well-funded education and health care groups to run ads, and bring busloads of protesters to Albany to rally against proposed cuts. This year, an authentic grassroots movement has begun in response to Governor Paterson's plan to close a number of state parks and historic sites. This movement involves little money and, in keeping with modern tactics, has been conducted primarily on the Internet. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Groups wants to save John Brown Farm from closing

A group of activists held a small rally at John Browns Farm near Lake Placid yesterday. They urged Governor David Paterson to keep the state park open despite the state's massive budget deficit.

The famous abolitionist was buried on the farm just outside the village after being executed in Virginia for attempting to spark a slave rebellion.

The rally came on the closing day on the 2010 Olympics. Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall said preserving Brown's final resting place would save an important piece of the town's history. He said it's important to protect not only Lake Placid's Olympic heritage, but it's cultural heritage as well.

State officials want to close nine parks in the North Country as part of an effort aimed to close an $8.2 billion deficit. Brian Mann will have more on this story tomorrow morning during The Eight O'Clock Hour.  Go to full article
Crown Point historic site could close due to the state budget crisis
Crown Point historic site could close due to the state budget crisis

John Brown?s farm, Crown Point historic site eyed by state for closure

State officials are considering a plan that could shut down two of the most cherished historic sites in the North Country. John Brown's farm, just outside of Lake Placid, and the Crown Point State Historic Site in the Champlain Valley would stay closed in the spring. According to two reports published yesterday, the move is part of Governor David Paterson's sweeping statewide budget cutting plan. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

State officials say some parks will close, but they're not saying which ones

The governor's proposed budget cuts will likely mean that some state parks will have to close. But, at a legislative hearing this week, the state parks commissioner would not reveal which parks are on the chopping block. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

State considers expanding "forever wild" protections outside Adk blue line

Pro-environment groups says the state of New York has agreed to consider expanding the forest preserve beyond the Adirondack Park's famous "blue line" boundary. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

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