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Wanting more change on this Independence Day

On this first Independence Day of the Obama years, liberals may be feeling a sense of pride and triumph. A lot has changed since a year ago, and most of the changes are to their liking. But commentator Paul Willcott, a self-described "big government, tax-and-spend liberal" wants more: from the right, the left, and the in-between. Paul Willcott divides his time between new York City and Saranac lake.  Go to full article

Commentary: Reflections on turning 70

Birthdays that end in a 0 tend to get our attention and make us reflective. Commentator Paul Willcott, who is turning 70 as the nation turns 232, takes a look backward and forward at his own life and that of America.  Go to full article

Commentary: gifts families pass to the next generation

Some say when people reach a certain age they begin to spend time looking back. Commentator Paul Willcott doesn't think of himself as old, but he admits that he's beginning to look over his shoulder a little more than he used to, especially when he thinks about the future of his grandchildren.  Go to full article

A really, really good read

Commentator Paul Willcott recently came across an interesting airline ad. It promised first class travel so comfortable you could "get lost in a best-seller". That quote got him thinking, not about travel, but about reading, and getting lost in a book.  Go to full article

Commentary: On seasonality

It's common practice to think of people in the North Country, more particularly in the Adirondacks, as either seasonals or year-round residents. Commentator Paul Willcott finds this distinction simplistic and problematic.  Go to full article

Air conditioning: A Texan assessment

Speaking of the heat, commentator Paul Willcott is old enough to remember Texas without air conditioning. He agrees that cool indoor spaces set people free in some ways, but he's young enough to enjoy far more significant progress.  Go to full article

Commentary: Just Being Present

Like many people of a certain age, commentator Paul Willcott is caring for an aged parent in the last stages of a long life. It's a difficult, rewarding and complex undertaking. And he finds sometimes less is more.  Go to full article

Commentary: Unshared Memories

Like many people of a certain age, commentator Paul Willcott is responsible for the care and nurturing of a parent in the last years of a long life. He's been writing down occasional reflections on this difficult time.  Go to full article

It's Not the Work, It's the Wages

Much of the growing public discourse on immigration policy assumes America needs foreign workers to do the grunt work. Commentator Paul Willcott disagrees.  Go to full article

Commentary: Snapshots

Commentator Paul Willcott divides his time between New York City and Saranac Lake. He thinks sometimes about what it would be like to live full-time in the Adirondacks. Not having the 300-mile drive most Fridays and Sundays would be welcome in a way, but the effect of the drop-in, drop-out rhythm is something he values a great deal.  Go to full article

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