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News stories tagged with "paul-willcott"

Commentary: Memorial Day

For commentator Paul Willcott, this Memorial Day is sadder and more painful than most, as we think of those who have given their all in Iraq.  Go to full article

Commentary: Keeping a Journal

In the hurry of ordinary affairs of daily life, it's often difficult to find time to take a step back and put things in perspective. Keeping a diary is one way to do this, but commentator Paul Willcott argues that keeping a diary is more than just a way for busy people to cope with stress. It's a gift to posterity.  Go to full article

Commentary: Adaptation, Absolutes and Ecology

Unwanted polliwogs in Adirondack ponds. Too many moose in Vermont. Our news today is full of animals that threaten the human idea of balance in the environment. Paul Willcott found himself contemplating an unwelcome alien on a recent trip to his native habitat -- coastal Texas.  Go to full article

Commentary: Silent Night

The notion of silence is an enduring part of the Christmas celebration. Christians have sung countless times of the birth of the Savior on a silent night. Here's commentator Paul Willcott.  Go to full article

Commentary: Paul Willcott's Thanks

Around many of today's holiday tables, we'll take turns saying what we're grateful for. Commentator Paul Willcott names an unusual blessing that is his.  Go to full article

Commentary: Why Aren't Focus Groups Regulated?

Focus groups have long been part of American commerce and politics. Expensive ad campaigns are often based on their findings. Every White House in modern times has used them. Commentator Paul Willcott argues tongue-in-cheek that since focus groups are so important, they should be regulated.  Go to full article

Commentary: The Real Culture War

In the view of commentator Paul Willcott the country has been so focused recently on the war against Iraq and lessoning the tax burden of the wealthy, that a critically important issue has been ignored in our public colloquy.  Go to full article

Commentary: How To Be A North Country Seasonal: A Primer

Many north country natives view seasonal residents, or "seasonals" as outsiders. Commentator Paul Willcott offers this three-part primer for part-time residents on how to fit in to the north country.  Go to full article

Commentary: Celebrating the Fourth of July in the Time of "W"

Today's celebration isn't so much about elation because we've overthrown the redcoats and the oppression of King George III. The parades and fireworks and picnics of out time are a general celebration of America and of self-government, liberty, prosperity and other blessings we have strived for and more or less achieved. Commentator Paul Willcott finds that celebration of July 4th is strongly colored by the individual's perception of the state of the nation and the world.  Go to full article

Commentary: Deep Down We're All Alike

One of the things that happens in wars is that the people of the nations at war are forced to take a view of the people on the other side. Sometimes the view is based on long familiarity, sometimes not. In the opinion of commentator Paul Willcott, the Bush administration built the effort against Iraq on a mistaken attitude that Iraqis and Americans are fundamentally different from each other.  Go to full article

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