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Lightning strikes triggered fire on Lyon Mountain. Photo: Mountain Lake PBS
Lightning strikes triggered fire on Lyon Mountain. Photo: Mountain Lake PBS

Lightning strike knocks out regional PBS station

Mountain Lake PBS, one of the North Country's biggest public television outlets, was off the air in many areas this morning because of a transmitter fire on the summit of Lyon Mountain in the Adirondacks.

The fire began Tuesday night after lightning struck transformers near the broadcast tower on the peak in Clinton County.  Go to full article

The Great Depression and green jobs

Throughout this year of "great recession," people are looking back to how this country rose to the challenges of the Great Depression. You can find stories shared by North Country elders in our Common Wealth, Common Wisdom series at Last night, PBS began airing a series of documentaries from American Experience called The 1930s. One of the programs looks back at an iconic public works policy with its roots deep in the New York State conservation movement, the civilian conservation corps. Nationwide, the CCC worked on soil conservation projects, built 3,000 state parks, and replanted forests. The men in the CCC planted three billion trees--that's estimated to be half of the trees ever planted by humans in the U.S. Lester Graham has more.  Go to full article

WPBS back on cable TV in Ottawa

The Watertown public television station is now back on Canadian cable in Ottawa.  Go to full article

Naturalist Ed Kanze says "The Adirondacks" will show Americans a complex portrait

Naturalist and writer Ed Kanze, who lives in Bloomingdale north of Saranac Lake, partnered on the Adirondacks documentary. His nature essays frame each of the four chapters of the film. Kanze says he hopes Americans will grasp some of the complexities of life inside the Blue Line.  Go to full article
MLPBS tower collapsed in April
MLPBS tower collapsed in April

Helicopters lift material for PBS tower on Lyon Mt.

Helicopters are flying this week over Lyon Mountain in Clinton County. They're rebuilding the massive broadcast tower owned by Mountain Lake Public Television, based in Plattsburgh. A spring storm knocked out the station's main broadcasting signal. Brian Mann has this update.  Go to full article
Arto Monaco and Derek Muirden (Source: MLPBS)
Arto Monaco and Derek Muirden (Source: MLPBS)

Arto Monaco story airs nationwide on PBS

This Friday and Saturday, Mountain Lake PBS will broadcast their new documentary called "A Castle In Every Heart." It's the story of Arto Monaco, the Adirondack inventor and toymaker who created some of America's earliest theme parks. Monaco's creations in the North Country included the Land of Make Believe in Upper Jay, which he built in his own back yard. Coming up in the second half hour, we'll hear Brian Mann's interview with Arto, recorded just a year before his death in 2002. But first, Brian talks with filmmaker Derek Muirden about his friendship with Arto Monaco and about the new documentary, which will air nationwide starting this year.  Go to full article

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