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We’re going to wind up with seniors who are going to become dependent on [public] assistance.

Government employee reps grill Cuomo budget head on proposed retirement plan

Governor Cuomo's budget director faced some tough questions yesterday, as he testified before a legislative hearing. Lawmakers grilled Robert Megna on the defined benefit pension system for state workers the governor has proposed. Karen Dewitt has this report from Albany.  Go to full article
PEF President Ken Brynien speaks at the rally held Tuesday at the former Occupy Albany encampment. Photo: Karen DeWitt
PEF President Ken Brynien speaks at the rally held Tuesday at the former Occupy Albany encampment. Photo: Karen DeWitt

State employees' union head says workers have already given enough

With Governor Cuomo scheduled to give his state-of-the-state address Wednesday, advocacy groups rallied in Albany Tuesday, at the site of the former Occupy Albany encampment. They pressed the governor for action on hunger, poverty and health issues.

The state Public Employees Federation was one of the groups there. And as Karen DeWitt reports, that union's president is warning Cuomo not to ask state workers for more givebacks in the state budget.  Go to full article
There’s some significant changes in this revised contract.

Cuomo, PEF leadership hope for "yes" vote on new contract

The votes will be counted for the second time this fall on a contract offer between the state worker union the Public Employees Federation, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

PEF members rejected the first offer. This time, if the contract is rejected, the governor has vowed to lay off 3500 state workers. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
If they have tweaks that would come to a different outcome, great, let’s talk about them (but they have to be) revenue neutral.

Union leadership hopes for second chance

In Albany, it's the Cuomo Administration vs. the rank and file of the Public Employees Federation. Union leaders hope for another chance on the contract members rejected last week.
Pink slips were sent out to almost 3,500 PEF members last week -- including about 175 here in the North Country. The layoffs begin to take effect in the next three weeks, unless the union and the governor come to a new contract deal soon.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had been hoping for concessions from PEF's membership as the state continues to deal with a $10 billion budget deficit. But the membership rejected a deal similar to one ratified earlier this year by the Civil Service Employees Association.

Friday, Cuomo opened the door to "tweaks" that could avert the layoffs, but as Karen DeWitt reports, he says it's entirely up to the union leadership whether the job cut backs occur or not.  Go to full article

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