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News stories tagged with "pets"

Pet shelters feel the economic pinch

This year's economic downtown has had an impact on animal shelters in the region. They've seen a surge in numbers as stressed owners give up pets they can no longer afford to keep. The Potsdam Humane Society is planning to expand its current facility that was built back in the '50s. They're in the midst of a capital campaign and recently turned to the internet for a boost. Todd Moe talks with Linda Caamano, a Potsdam Humane Society board member.  Go to full article
Warren Mick and Glen: the last step is to get the sheep IN the pen.
Warren Mick and Glen: the last step is to get the sheep IN the pen.

It's dog vs. sheep, with mixed results

Almost any weekend this season, you'll find a gathering of sheep, dogs, and people on some northeastern field. They're here to take a little break, have some fun, and test out their border collies' skills. Kinna Ohman stopped by a sheepdog competition at the Quechee Scottish Festival in Vermont. She sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Aimee Hurt has trained dogs for conservation work for nine years
Aimee Hurt has trained dogs for conservation work for nine years

A dog's job: studying moose in the Adirondacks

Wildlife biologists say that New York state is home to more than 500 moose. Their population has surged in recent years. Researchers would like to know a lot more about the animals: what they're eating, where they're going, and why their numbers are growing so rapidly. A new project organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society aims to gather some of that data using trained tracking dogs. Brian Mann spent a day with a research team in the northern Adirondacks and has our story.  Go to full article

Holistic medicine for pets

Veterinarians who use a holistic approach to healing make up only about one percent of all veterinarians in the country. But their numbers are growing. And so is their popularity among pet owners. The mainstream veterinary community wants to see more science behind the methods used by holistic veterinarians. Kinna Ohman reports.  Go to full article

Books: "Letters to Our Beloved Pets"

Todd Moe talks with Fort Ann writer Patti Carte about her new book, To Those We Hold so Dear: Letters to Our Beloved Pets. It's a compilation of heart-warming tributes to animal companions.  Go to full article

Pet danger triggers trapping debate

State officials in New York want tighter safety rules for sportsmen using big spring-loaded traps. The rules would require trappers to rig their gear off the ground, or to use special boxes designed to keep dogs and other pets from being caught. As Brian Mann reports, the state's biggest trapping organization supports the new guidelines. But anti-trapping activists say they don't go far enough.  Go to full article

Tainted pet food allegedly kills cats

The deaths of several dogs and cats have led to a recall of pet food made at an Ontario plant. The food, which looks like chunks of beef in gravy, is made by Menu Foods but sold in cans and foil pouches under dozens of different brand names, including Safeway, Wal-Mart, Kroger and PetSmart. Premium brands Iams, Eukanuba and Nutro are also part of the recall. The tainted food has caused liver failure that's led to the deaths of at least 10 cats and dogs nationwide. Roxanne Patterson of Herkimer had three cats. Two died over the weekend. She says her third cat cannot be saved, and according to her veterinarian may be euthanized within days. She believes their deaths were caused by the tainted food.  Go to full article

Tales from a bird sale

Bird fanciers gathered in Manotick, Ontario for a Fall bird sale recently. Lucy Martin stopped by. She spoke with Barbara Schaffer of North Gower, young Marissa of Amherst Island, near Kingston, and an anonymous observer with a cautionary tale about the reponsibilities of pet ownership.  Go to full article
Cool cats, Dean and Cody, pose with Santa.
Cool cats, Dean and Cody, pose with Santa.

Heard Up North: "Pet Santa"

As if it wasn't enough that he has billions of kids to worry about... Santa is taking time out for photos with pets, all to raise money for Spay/Neuter/Now in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties. Martha Foley watched and listened as two very laid-back cats took their turn at the Potsdam Agway store last weekend. The last pet photo with Santa day is Saturday, the 10th, at The Pretty Puppy on Church St. in Alexandria Bay.  Go to full article
Elisabeth Ward's book is available for $12: Shaggy Dog Press, PO Box 318, Westport, NY 12993.
Elisabeth Ward's book is available for $12: Shaggy Dog Press, PO Box 318, Westport, NY 12993.

New Book Celebrates Pets and Poetry

Elisabeth Ward is a Westport writer who's put together a collection of poems called Naked Weimaraner: The Dogs, The Cats, The Rest. It contains more than 25 poems about dogs, cats, goats, squirrels, foxes, and the rest. All the proceeds from the book are being donated to the North Country Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Westport. Todd Moe spoke with Elisabeth Ward about her new book which explores the poetry of everyday life and the importance of living among animals.  Go to full article

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