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News stories tagged with "plastics"

Paper or plastic: daily green dilemmas

Sometimes, the more choices you have, the more stress you feel. That's the case with some people when it comes to taking care of the environment. As Karen Kelly reports, being environmentally aware can be a burden.  Go to full article

Farmers struggle with plastic waste

We tend to think of farm country as a pastoral landscape, punctuated with the silos and roof angles of farm architecture. But farms increasingly rely on temporary plastic structures to store hay and silage, as greenhouses - even to shelter machinery. Long, worm-like forms of white plastic are becoming the icon of dairy farming. As part of a collaboration with Northeast stations, Amy Quinton from New Hampshire Public Radio reports farms and nurseries are using so much plastic -- thousands of pounds a year -- that they're having a tough time getting rid of it.  Go to full article

NY mandates plastic bag recycling

Under a new state law, large stores and retail or grocery store chains in New York will have to provide collection bins for used carry out bags.
Lots of supermarkets encourage shoppers to carry re-usable bags. The new law goes further, to try to make sure those plastic bags still in use are recycled. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

The future of plastic packages

Recyclers say they hear all the time from people who want to recycle more of the plastic containers they get from the store. But it's not easy. Recycling laws and practices vary from state to state, sometimes from county to county. In many places, bottles are the only plastic packaging that's accepted for recycling. In the second story of our series on sorting out plastic recycling, Rebecca Williams reports some people are looking for ways to give plastic packaging a new life.  Go to full article

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