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News stories tagged with "plattsburgh-air-force-base"

Artist's rendering of the new facility (Source: Laurentian Aerospace)
Artist's rendering of the new facility (Source: Laurentian Aerospace)

Aircraft maintenance facility delayed

Financing complications have stalled a project that could bring 900 jobs to the Plattsburgh area. Canada-based Laurentian Aerospace says work could resume in three weeks on the aircraft maintenance it's building at the Plattsburgh airport.  Go to full article

Radioactive Waste Sought at Plattsburgh AFB

The Air Force says low-grade radioactive material may have been left at the old Plattsburgh Air Force Base. The material could include contaminated gloves and air filters used in bomb storage areas during the 1950s and Sixties. Some of the material was apparently buried, then misplaced through poor record keeping.
An Air Force team is expected to arrive in Plattsburgh in the next ten days to begin its investigation. As Brian Mann reports, the site is now occupied by a civilian business.  Go to full article

Lawmakers Say September 11 Cost Plattsburgh Redevelopment Funds

A major development project in Plattsburgh has lost more than two-million dollars in annual state funding. Lawmakers say redeveloping the Plattsburgh Air Force Base lost the money because of the September 11 attacks. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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