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Sunny Buchman and Rena Bernstein
Sunny Buchman and Rena Bernstein

StoryCorps: life in Nazis-occupied Poland

Since the StoryCorps Mobilebooth visited the North Country this summer, we've been spending a little time each Friday introducing you to some of the participants who got to document their stories interviewing each other. Today, we'll hear an excerpt from July, when Sunny Buchman, of Glens Falls, interviewed her friend Rena Bernstein from Brooklyn. Rena spent her very early years in southeastern Poland in a cabin hiding from the Nazis. Her parents were also in hiding, but they were in a grave-sized bunker under the basement of a workshop in the small town of Lesko. They remained there for two years. Eventually, Rena and her parents made their way to the U.S. and her mother wrote about life in Nazi-occupied Poland.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: A year on the Poland

A trip across the Atlantic for Today's Heard Up North. You may have heard stories from David Sommerstein's Year on the Farm series. He's been reporting on what happens month-by-month on a dairy farm in St. Lawrence County. The series prompted a call from a woman in Lewis County. A decade ago, she spent a year on dairy Poland. And what she remembers best are the colors...  Go to full article

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