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TDI's cable will run under the water of Lake Champlain
TDI's cable will run under the water of Lake Champlain

Proposed Lake Champlain transmission line complicated by engineering, history

Last week, a Canadian company called Transmission Developers Incorporated unveiled a $3.8-billion plan to lay high-power electric transmission lines under Lake Champlain and the Hudson River. The project would be part of the new "smart" electrical grid, designed to open the floodgates to new sources of green and renewable energy. The company has begun meeting with state regulators, environmentalists and historic preservation groups. As Brian Mann reports, the transmission line will be one of the most complicated power-grid projects in the country.  Go to full article

Developer reveals details of underwater power corridor

State and federal officials will have to approve a new plan to run a high-voltage electricity transmission line 300 miles from Quebec to metro New York City through New York's Champlain Valley - mostly underwater.

Hydro-Quebec is a major supplier of electricity to the northeastern U.S. The design calls for the power line to be buried in the bottom sediment of Lake Champlain, the Hudson Canal, and the Hudson River.

The project is being developed by a Toronto company, which sees the underwater design is a way to avoid the environmental and political problems of constructing new powerline corridors through communities. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Underwater Quebec-NYC electricity transmission line planned for Lake Champlain

State officials unveiled a new plan yesterday to run a high-voltage electricity transmission line from Canada down through New York's Champlain Valley. The "Champlain-Hudson Express Project" would carry power along the three-hundred mile long corridor to New York City.  Go to full article

Wind power gets a boost

2009 was a bumper year for new windmills. But as Mark Brush reports, if it weren't for government money, it might have been a bad year.  Go to full article
Fort Covington Dam
Fort Covington Dam

Fort Covington Dam coming down

A hundred-year old dam on the Salmon River in Franklin County is coming down. The Fort Covington dam was last used for hydropower in the 1950s. It's been crumbling ever since. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Preview: Energy Fair in Canton

NCPR is media sponsor for the 14th annual Sustainable Energy Fair at the SUNY Canton Miller Campus Center this weekend. This year's fair includes more than 100 workshops and exhibitors, green home tours, environmental theater and more. Todd Moe talks with organizer Patricia Greene.  Go to full article

NYPA: "glad to talk" on steel mill megawatts

The head of the New York Power Authority says he'd be "glad to talk" with a developer who wants to build a steel mill in Massena. Steel Development Company chairman John Correnti says he wants to build a $200-million rebar plant and create 200 jobs. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Russell wants investigation of National Grid

A North Country Assemblywoman is calling for an investigation into National Grid, after the utility company asked 150 upstate municipalities to refund more than $12-million. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Waiting for the lights to come back on

It could be tonight before power crews restore electricity to the last of the North Country left dark by the season's first snowstorm. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Life beneath the Tug Hill wind turbines

The northern chunk of the North Country is deep in the trenches of America's debate over wind power. Global energy firms want to erect several hundred new giant windmills from Cape Vincent in the West to Clinton County in the East. The promise of renewable energy and a whole lot of money has crashed into worries about views, noise, birds, bats, property values - you name it. We've reported extensively on the pros- and cons- of wind power. You can listen to our ongoing coverage on our website, Today we look at the life on - or maybe under - an industrial-size wind farm. The Maple Ridge wind farm's 195 turbines have been spinning out power on the Tug Hill Plateau for almost three years now. David Sommerstein knocked on doors of the wind farm's human neighbors.  Go to full article

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