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Grace Chiumia at a campaign rally in Malawi.
Grace Chiumia at a campaign rally in Malawi.

More help and hope for Malawi

A Malawi woman who first visited the North Country a few years ago, as part of an effort to help widows and orphans in her homeland, has been elected to the Malawian Parliament. Grace Chiumia has worked with Presbyterian Churches in Canton and Watertown to raise money to build homes, outhouses and provide medical supplies for widows and orphans in northern Malawi. Last summer, a contingent from the First Presbyterian Church in Canton, traveled to Malawi to see first hand the country's dilemma. Grace Chiumia, known in Malawi as Grace Obama, returned to Canton recently for a progress report. She's 32 years old and the first woman from her district elected to Parliament. Todd Moe asked her about her priorities as a lawmaker.  Go to full article

Sustaining a better life in Malawi

A group of women from Canton and Watertown leaves for south-eastern Africa this summer. It's part of an on-going mission by the Presbytery of Northern New York to help widows and orphans in Malawi rebuild their homes and lives. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Malawi youth choir begins tour

Thirteen members of the Mzuzu Youth Choir from Malawi begin a month-long tour of the North Country this week. Their visit is sponsored by the Presbytery of Northern New York. They stopped by NCPR for music and conversation.  Go to full article
Rev. Clint McCoy
Rev. Clint McCoy

Church Leaders Gather in Greece

Hundreds of church leaders are in Athens, Greece for a conference on world healing and reconciliation. The Reverend Clint McCoy is there from the Presbytery of Northern New York. He spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Music With a Mission

A group of church musicians has released a CD of Christmas carols, to share a love of music and as a fundraiser. Rejoice contains music for the season, recorded earlier this fall at the Ecumenical Choir Festival 2002. Proceeds will benefit people in need. Todd Moe talks with Ted Tate about "Ministries in the North Country", or MINC, one of the groups behind the idea for Rejoice.

You can order Rejoice from Jan Fife, 505 Anthony St., Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Cost per copy is $15--half the proceeds support MINC, half the church of your choice.  Go to full article

Presbytery of Northern New York Sends Anti-War Resolution to Congress

The Presbytery of Northern New York has sent a resolution to local Congressional representatives urging the government not to take unilateral action against Iraq. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Sackets Harbor Church Hosts Interchurch Families Symposium

Todd Moe talks with Rev. Cynthia Walton: previewing a Sackets Harbor symposium this Sunday night on interchurch families.  Go to full article

Malawi Singers Visit North Country

Music traditions of Malawi--a live performance by singers from the Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia in the warm heart of Africa. Todd Moe speaks with members of the delegation.  Go to full article

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