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Heard Up North: Changing the gas price

The price of a regular gallon of gasoline has dipped below $3.90 in many parts of the North Country. That means gas station employees are scrambling out with a pole and suction cup to change the prices every day. David Sommerstein has this Heard Up North from the Sunoco station in Lowville.  Go to full article
Jane "Granny" Bashaw, Katie Cariffe, and Lee Ann Pierce fear this winter's high heating costs.
Jane "Granny" Bashaw, Katie Cariffe, and Lee Ann Pierce fear this winter's high heating costs.

North Country prepares for winter heating crisis

It's still plenty hot outside, but North Country residents are already bracing for the cold. Heating oil prices have almost doubled. Kerosene and natural gas are way up, too. People are scared. Local officials fear a season-long crisis, with people have to choose between eating and staying warm. Many communities are taking unprecedented steps to get prepared. David Sommerstein has the first of two reports.  Go to full article
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.
Carp anglers on the St. Lawrence.

High prices poach carp tourney

High prices are squeezing nearly every aspect of the North Country economy. That includes the stretch of the St. Lawrence River that's breeding tourism based on carp fishing. The 3rd Annual Specialist Tackle Carp Challenge kicks off this morning in Waddington, but with half the number of angler teams from last year. Peter Henwood is the CEO of Specialist Tackle and owns the Riverview Motel on Route 37. Carp fishing is much more popular in Europe than here in the U.S. He says high airfares and gas prices are keeping anglers away this year. Henwood told David Sommerstein tourism in general has been quieter on his stretch of the river.  Go to full article

Lawmakers Debate Gas Price Relief

Hurricane Katrina is expected to push pump prices upward, possibly by another twenty cents a gallon, just in time for the Labor Day weekend. As Brian Mann reports, Assembly Republicans and Congressman John McHugh are also pushing for some short-term relief.  Go to full article

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