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Photo: Institute for Sustainable Communication
Photo: Institute for Sustainable Communication

A new media question: paper, or digital?

We make personal choices everyday that affect the environment. At the grocery store: paper, or plastic? Going out the front door: car, or bicycle? Pay bills by check, or online? And, at the office: print it, or save to the hard drive?

As Martha Foley discovers, those last two, the paper or digital choice, is just as complicated as all the rest.  Go to full article
"The Poachers." Wood engraving by Greg Lago
"The Poachers." Wood engraving by Greg Lago

"The Poachers"?Poetry and visual arts

The connection between poets and musicians goes all the way back to the origins of both art forms, but for almost as long, poets and visual artists have also found inspiration in each other's work. Dale Hobson talks with Clayton wood engraver, Greg Lago, and Potsdam printer, Jim Benvenuto, about the creation of On the River, a suite of prints celebrating the St. Lawrence River in all its seasons. Dale reads the Fall poem from the collection, "The Poachers." Thanks to Chris Turner for the roadhouse harmonica solo, recorded live at the Red Tavern in St. Regis Falls.  Go to full article

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