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Story 2.0: A fresh start at Moriah Shock

Even many prison reform advocates, who want fewer New Yorkers sent to prison, say the state's so-called "shock" program offers alternatives that can benefit low-level, non-violent criminals. Inmates from Moriah Shock have long served useful roles in the region as well, helping forest rangers battle wild fires in the Adirondacks. Over the weekend, they were among the volunteers building the ice palace for Saranac Lake's Winter Carnival. A decade ago, Brian Mann spent a day behind bars at Moriah Shock, attending a graduation, talking with the inmates and their families.  Go to full article

Region's representatives to join forces to fight prison cuts

State prisons pump tens of millions of dollars into North Country communities. Gov. David Paterson's budget would close three of them: one in Ogdensburg and the others in Lyon Mt. and Moriah. nearly 500 jobs are at stake.

A day after the budget's release, the region's representatives in Albany were laying plans to fight the closures. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Budget would cut 3 North Country prisons, nearly 500 jobs

For the North Country, the biggest blow contained in the Governor's budget proposal is the planned closure of three of the region's prisons. Governor Paterson wants to mothball correctional facilities in Ogdensburg, Lyon Mountain, and Moriah putting nearly 500 high paying jobs on the line. State Senators Darrel Aubertine and Betty Little said they would join the effort to save the prisons. As Brian Mann reports, today's proposal came as a terrible shock in communities already facing hard times.  Go to full article

BREAKING: Paterson's budget closes prisons in North Country

In his State-of-the-State address two weeks ago, Gov. David Paterson predicted this would be "a winter of reckoning."

This morning, he and his budget director began to fill in the details. For the North Country, they include closure of three prisons--in Ogdensburg, Lyon Mountain and Moriah--as well as both Adirondack Park Visitors Interpretive centers, at Paul Smiths and Newcomb. Roughly 480 high-paying government jobs are at stake.

State Sen. Betty Little's spokesman Dan Mac Entee told North Country Public Radio the prisons will close in 2011, "Obviously the Senator is very concerned. It's not altogether surprising that upstate facilities are once again targeted for closure. Given the concentration of power downstate it's hard to fight back against something like that."

The governor said New York's budget is caught between rising fixed costs and an addiction to overspending. It's crashed, he said, and the state can't put off a remedy. Paterson said the state is facing a $7.4 billion deficit in the coming year.

The $134 billion budget the governor proposed today closes that gap, and lays out a four-year plan for recovery. The governor is asking for a 5% cut in school aid--$1 billion overall--as well as $1 billion in new taxes and fees. In addition to the billion-dollar cut in school aid, Paterson wants a $1 billion cut in health care spending, much of which goes to hospitals and nursing homes.

He said: "This is not a budget of choice, this is a budget of necessity."

We'll have more during All Before Five this afternoon, and The Eight O'Clock Hour tomorrow morning.  Go to full article

Schumer addresses overcrowding, understaffing at Ray Brook

Senator Chuck Schumer toured the Federal prison in Ray Brook today and said the facility is overcrowded and understaffed. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Feds eye mothballed prison camp in Adirondacks

A state-run prison camp in the Adirondacks that closed last month is bring eyed by officials from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

Last inmate leaves Camp Gabriels

The State Department of Corrections has moved the last inmate out of a minimum security prison in the Adirondacks that's slated for closure. Camp Gabriels will shut down July 1. As Chris Knight reports, the future of the camp after its closure is still uncertain.  Go to full article

Breaking: It's official ? Camp Gabriels to close July 1st

New York state officials made it official today, announcing that Camp Gabriels near Saranac Lake will close on the first of July. Chris Knight will have details during All Before Five and again on tomorrow's Eight O'Clock Hour

Here is the official statement:

The Department of Correctional Services plans to close Camps Pharsalia, Gabriels and Mt. McGregor on July 1, 2009 or as soon after as practicable in accordance with the enacted 2009-10 State Budget. DOCS also intends to vacate the annexes at Eastern, Green Haven, Groveland, Lakeview, Sullivan and Washington Correctional Facilities, as well as the minimum portion of Butler Correctional Facility, on or about October 1, 2009, though the Department will continue to maintain the annex buildings. The medium-security portion of Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility will remain open. The new State Budget assumes savings from the closures. On April 14, 2009, Commissioner Brian Fischer notified staff of the closure plans in letters to camp and annex employees.  Go to full article

Corrections officer union faces off against Governor Paterson?s lay-offs

Governor Paterson and the public employee unions are playing a game of brinkmanship this week. Paterson is threatening to slash more than eight thousand state jobs if the unions don't offer concessions. More than 2,000 jobs at state prisons are on the chopping block. The state's biggest union, the Civil Service Employees Association, rejected an offer that would have meant smaller raises in exchange for a guarantee that no workers would be laid off for two years. CSEA spokesman Stephen Madarasz told the Associated Press that reopening the contract would set a "debilitating precedent." Brian Mann checked in with Don Rowe, head of NYSCOPBA, the union representing hundreds of corrections officers in the North Country.  Go to full article

Budget deal a mixed bag for Adirondacks

Details are still emerging, but it appears that the budget deal announced over the weekend in Albany eliminates a controversial plan to cap property tax payments on forest preserve land in the Adirondacks. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

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