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News stories tagged with "pro-choice"

New York state's Senate chamber. Photo: <a href="">JvL</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
New York state's Senate chamber. Photo: JvL, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

NYS Reproductive Health Act stalled in Senate

A key component of Governor Cuomo's 2013 agenda appears in jeopardy, as the governor concedes he does not currently have enough votes in the state Senate to bring an abortion rights bill he has championed to the floor.  Go to full article

Compromise Women's Health Bill Passes NY Senate

Senate Republicans announced that they'll pass a bill to give most women in New York State access to birth control through their health insurance plans. The move drew sharp criticism from the Catholic Church. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Women's Wellness Act May Move Forward in Albany

New York state lawmakers are still arguing over a bill to fund more health care for women, but now there's more of a chance they'll resolve their differences and agree on a law. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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