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Tempers are kind of flaring in a way that you donít often see in Vermont politics, especially local Vermont politics.

Burlington mayor's race: a primer

"Politics" are different in Vermont's largest city. Since 1985, a successful third party, the Progressive party, has dominated local government there. Progressive voters essentially sent Sen. Bernie Sanders to Congress after re-electing him mayor of Burlington for successive terms.

But for the first time in almost 30 years, there's no Progressive running for mayor this year.

Paul Heintz covers politics for 7 Days, an alternative weekly newspaper based in Burlington. He says this race isn't so much about issues as personalities and shifting loyalties. And he says that even though there's no Progressive on the ballot, those votes will still make a difference.

He told Sarah Harris there's a history of bad blood between Progressives and Democrats, and this race is a bit of a turf battle.  Go to full article
We were working separately in very small groups and realized we'd have a better voice in the area if we were one larger group.

New group tries to unify North Country liberals

Last year, newly-formed conservative Tea Party groups played a major role in elections here in the North Country.

Now a group of progressive activists hope to form a similar group on the left and they'll be holding protests this afternoon across the region.

Martha Foley has details.

(NOTE: Chris Morris provided reporting for this story.)  Go to full article

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