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Behind every mandate is a special interest, and Ö itís very hard to know which mandate we can go after and eliminate.

Skepticism as governor says it's time for mandate relief

During his state of the state speech, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it's time the state provided mandate relief to local governments.

This is welcomed news to many in the north country. But some are concerned it could be only a token gesture.

Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article
A mobile home uprooted by Irene. Photo by Kathy Regan.
A mobile home uprooted by Irene. Photo by Kathy Regan.

Towns can't afford state's flood property tax break

A new state law aims to help property owners hurt by storms earlier this year.

The Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee Assessment Relief Act was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this month.

It lets local governments and school districts provide tax relief - including refunds - to people whose property was significantly devalued by the storms in late August and early September.

But as Chris Morris reports, some local governments may not implement the law without financial assistance from the state.  Go to full article
If we should have an ice storm ... if we should have any number of events that we cannot control, we will be in serious trouble.

County budget strategies falling short

Like other municipalities around the state, St. Lawrence County is figuring out its budget for the coming year. So far its strategies to cope with rising expenses, falling state aid and a new cap on property taxes aren't working out.

Its leaders are cutting positions and programs. But they say they also need more revenue. That's where county leaders seem to be hitting a wall. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article
Residents packed the St. Lawrence County Courthouse  (Photo: Julie Grant)
Residents packed the St. Lawrence County Courthouse (Photo: Julie Grant)

St. Lawrence County hearing to override property tax cap

More than two-hundred and fifty people packed the St. Lawrence County Courthouse last night for a public hearing about overriding the state property tax cap.

A brand new state law limits local governments from raising the property tax by more than 2 percent in a year. But some St. Lawrence County leaders say that's not enough to keep the county solvent and still offer many services residents count on.

They're thinking about overriding the tax cap, but in order to do that, they first need to hear from residents. Julie Grant was at last night's packed meeting in Canton:  Go to full article
Are they willing to accept the pain involved in eliminating some of those services?

St. Lawrence County to consider overriding property tax cap

The St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators is holding a public hearing Monday night about overriding the state's new two-percent property tax cap.

The county announced this week that it needs to issue bonds in order to meet its financial obligations this year. And leaders are considering whether to eliminate all but essential services - that means programs for the elderly, for youth, and the entire planning department would all be gone.

Some leaders say raising more money by over-riding the tax cap is the only responsible thing to do. But others say limiting property taxes is the real imperative. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

Ethics reform and tax cap--check. Same-sex marriage--not yet.

Governor Cuomo has achieved agreements on two of the three issues he's made a top priority, ethics reform and a tax cap, and is continuing to push to allow same sex marriages in New York. But as Karen DeWitt reports, no laws have been enacted yet, and at least one of the three issues may be in danger of falling apart.  Go to full article
Weíve tried to be extremely reasonable. We arenít going for the Wisconsin, nuclear war approach.

Tax cap could prompt union, management clash

The prospect of a property tax cap could heighten tensions between workers and management at public schools in the state, as both sides gear up to fight over shrinking revenues and resources.

Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article
Tell your legislators pass these bills or just don't come home, period.

Cuomo brings tax cap campaign to Utica

Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Utica yesterday, a day after scoring a tentative triumph on one of his three big agenda items - a cap on local government and school tax increases.

Dave Bullard reports that the governor's speech was a mix of off the cuff and prepared remarks, as he kept up the pressure on lawmakers to agree to a tax cap in the next couple of weeks.  Go to full article
A tax cap is the worst thing that could happen. It would prevent local communities from being able to save their schools.

Both tax cap sides claim victory after school votes

Both supporters and opponents of a 2% property tax cap say the record high passage of school budgets in New York Tuesday proves their case. Karen DeWitt has reaction from Albany.  Go to full article

Tensions are high on property tax cap issue

Governor Cuomo began his statewide tour to win backing for a property tax cap and other issues in Syracuse on Tuesday. Back at the State Capitol, tensions between pro tax cap and anti tax cap advocates erupted into heated arguments.  Go to full article

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