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This is what the taxpayers are asking for...They want government that's affordable.

Coalition wants to pay for tax cap with benefits cuts for teachers, public workers

A coalition of business lobbyists, city and village mayors, and school boards are pushing hard for reduced pension and health benefits for their employees. Karen DeWitt reports that effort is part of a package of mandate relief they say is necessary to help communities around New York live within the new 2% property tax cap law.  Go to full article
Unfortunately the governor feels the need to be out there threatening the jobs of our members.

Still a chance of layoffs for one state employees' union

Layoffs remain on the table for one major state worker union, after the Public Employees Federation failed to reach an agreement with the Cuomo Administration on a contract.  Go to full article
In some cases its probably a question of a lack of knowledge, but in other cases people have been abusing the system, defrauding it.

Cuomo Administration looks for public pension changes

There's been action in Albany this week on curbing New York's rising pension costs.

Governor Cuomo is poised to unveil a proposal to change benefit levels, and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is offering a bill that he says will close a loophole that is costing the state millions of dollars. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
Sooner or later when the credit card bill comes due you have to pay it. The money is due. There is no more to give.

Public pensions strain budgets

The recent battles in Wisconsin and Ohio over collective bargaining for public workers has shined a light on the pensions government workers often receive. Here in New York, the state's pension fund is solvent. But costs have been sharply rising for the local governments that pay into it, and now some are calling for changes to the system. Our story from David Chanatry with the New York Reporting Project at Utica College.  Go to full article
Governor David Paterson (NYS)
Governor David Paterson (NYS)

Paterson proceeds with lay offs

Governor David Paterson, who has entered his final 100 days in office, says he'll lay off 2000 state workers. As Karen DeWitt reports, he has not ruled out the possibility of calling a special session of the legislature to cap property taxes.  Go to full article

Republicans help Democrats avoid NYS gov shutdown

If there's no state budget in place next week, New Yorkers can expect another showdown over an emergency spending bill.

Last night the Legislature averted an unprecedented shutdown of state government by approving another of the budget extenders that have kept government operating since the new fiscal year began April 1. Lawmakers will have to vote on another emergency extender next week if there's no agreement on a comprehensive state budget by then.

Last night's key vote came in the Senate. The Democrat-led chamber approved Gov. David Paterson's latest budget extension, which included human services cuts. But the majority needed help from the Republican minority to do it. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

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