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Governor Andrew Cuomo comments on the PEF contract ratification Thursday afternoon. Photo: Karen DeWitt
Governor Andrew Cuomo comments on the PEF contract ratification Thursday afternoon. Photo: Karen DeWitt

PEF Ratifies contract: No layoffs, but a three-year pay freeze

Members of the Public Employees federation ratified a contract that will prevent nearly 3,500 layoffs. Members will make several concessions, including accepting a three year pay freeze. It was a follow-up-vote members had rejected in an earlier version of the contract.

Governor Cuomo says he's "very happy." He credits a more collegial tone in negotiations leading up to the second vote, and has rescinded the layoff notices that would have gone out today.
In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
There’s some significant changes in this revised contract.

Cuomo, PEF leadership hope for "yes" vote on new contract

The votes will be counted for the second time this fall on a contract offer between the state worker union the Public Employees Federation, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

PEF members rejected the first offer. This time, if the contract is rejected, the governor has vowed to lay off 3500 state workers. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Facing 3500 layoffs, PEF urges members to sign deal

Leaders of the state worker union, the Public Employees Federation, are waging a campaign-style effort to try to convince members to vote yes this time on a new contract. Governor Andrew Cuomo says he will not give the union a third chance, and will issue layoffs in less than two weeks if the second contract is rejected. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report:  Go to full article

Cuomo, Public Employees Federation down to the wire

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state workers union, the Public Employees Federation, are still working on a deal to forge a new contract agreement or face 3500 lay offs. Karen DeWitt reports the situation presents a dilemma for the governor, who might have to make job cuts in a worsening recession.  Go to full article

Cuomo says communication is still open with PEF, hopes to avoid layoffs

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's still trying to work out his disagreements with the state workers union, the Public Employees Federation, so that there are no layoffs. 3500 pink slips have already gone out after the union rejected an initial contract offer.

Meanwhile, the union has scheduled an executive board meeting for Monday October 17th, two days before the layoffs are scheduled to occur.  Go to full article

State-PEF lines of communication "open"

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is open to shortening a contract with a public labor union to avoid layoffs if more concessions are needed to give the state the savings it needs. At a press conference yesterday, he said he won't negotiate quote "in the newspapers." He made no commitments, but said the "lines of communication are open."  Go to full article

Unions take governor's furlough plan to court

The Public Employees Federation union was the first yesterday -- but several of New York's public employee unions are expected to file for a temporary court order to block state worker furloughs approved Monday by the Legislature.

The issue is now in the hands of U.S. District Judge Lawrence Kahn. Paterson and the Legislature are expected to file their responses with the court later this week.

The state budget is now a month late as lawmakers struggle to close a $9 billion deficit. The governor says the furloughs are needed because the unions have rejected other calls to sacrifice and help the state out of its fiscal crisis. He had asked unions to suspend workers' annual raises of 4-7%.

State Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch warns that if the unions' court challenge is successful, lay offs might be the next step. As Karen DeWitt reports, the governor isn't so sure.  Go to full article

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