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The St. Lawrence County courthouse and legislative building.
The St. Lawrence County courthouse and legislative building.

St. Lawrence County begins slow road to fiscal health

After several years of dire financial news, last week brought a break in the clouds for St. Lawrence County. The county got $1.8 million in revenue from the Akwesasne Mohawk casino. And Governor Cuomo signed into law home rule legislation that will allow the county to raise the sales tax by 1%.

St. Lawrence has been one of only five counties in the state with a sales tax at 7%. County legislative chairman Jonathan Putney says an 8% sales tax will take effect on December 1st. He says it should raise 13 million dollars a year for the county and several local governments that will get a share.

Putney tells David Sommerstein that puts the county on a long road to financial health. And it brings good news to property taxpayers in the form of a property tax cut of 14% next year. "The bulk of the money goes to property tax stabilization," says Putney. "Some of the funds have been targeted for infrastructure. And this will help us over time, through our budgeting process, to slowly rebuild our fund balance."  Go to full article

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