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Christopher Swain
Christopher Swain

Swimmer Completes Lake Champlain Trek

Christopher Swain finished swimming the length of Lake Champlain Tuesday. The 36-year-old from Colchester, Vermont arrived in Quebec shortly before two-o-clock yesterday afternoon. He told Todd Moe he set out on the 129-mile voyage in August to raise awareness about water quality.  Go to full article

Pataki Meets With Quebec Leaders

Governor Pataki met with Quebec's premier yesterday in Montreal. The men signed a series of agreements designed to strengthen trade ties. As Brian Mann reports, a major goal is improving transportation across the US-Canada border.  Go to full article
Martha Cooper photo
Martha Cooper photo

Meet the Masters: Storyteller Catherine Charron

Long before Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg, before videos and TVs, storytelling happened the old fashioned way; one person sat down with another and talked. Catherine Charron grew up near Lake Champlain in a household full of storytellers. Lamar Bliss reports for Traditional Arts in Upstate New York about Charron's family and where Catherine is telling stories now.  Go to full article

Cabinetmakers Reclaim Historic Wood

At the turn of the last century, lumberjacks throughout the northern U.S. and Canada sent millions of logs downriver. Many were destined for ships headed to Great Britain. But about ten percent of the logs sank along the way. In recent years, some of that old wood has been retrieved and sold on the market. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports on a pair of cabinetmakers who are using it to recapture a part of history.  Go to full article

Music, Song & Dance from Quebec!

A trio of musicians from Montreal is visiting 13 North Country schools this week. Matapat will also bring its brand of cross-cultural folk music to Creative Spirit Arts Center in Potsdam for a jam session Saturday (4-6pm). Todd Moe talks with Matapat's Gaston Bernard, who grew up in a large family where musical gatherings were commonplace.  Go to full article

Separatists Lose in Quebec Elections

Election results this week indicate the party created to bring independence to French-speaking Quebec has lost its bid for a third-straight term. The loss is a blow to Quebec separatists who hoped for another referendum on sovereignty. The last referendum in 1995 failed by less than a percentage point. Martha Foley talks with Robert Thacker of the St. Lawrence University Canadian Studies Program about the implications of the vote.  Go to full article

Wolves South of the St. Lawrence River?

Scientists are testing a wolf-like carcass found on the south side of the St. Lawrence River, in Quebec. Some researchers say a small pack of wolves might be living in the wilderness just north of the U.S-Vermont border. Brian Mann has details.  Go to full article

Preview: The History In A Song

Todd Moe talks with Native American writer and storyteller Joseph Bruchac, who speaks tonight at St. Lawrence University (Griffiths Arts Center, Room 123, 7:30 pm). His talk will examine the controversial 1759 raid by Robert Rogers on the Abenaki natives, at their village on the St. Francis River in Quebec. The event is also the subject of Bruchac's new historical novel, The Winter People.  Go to full article

Bombardier Announces Layoffs

Transportation giant Bombardier announced today that the company will lay off six percent of its workforce. The move is a blow to the economy in Quebec, where more than a thousand jobs will go. Brian Mann reports it appears that the decision will affect plants in Vermont, but not in New York.  Go to full article

Smog and Haze from Quebec Covers Northeast

People in most parts of New York State noticed a haze and smog this weekend, caused by fires in the Canadian province of Quebec. While the change of wind patterns meant clearer air on Monday, health organizations that monitor air quality say there could be more unhealthy air coming this week. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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