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Uihlein nursing home in Lake Placid will lose 60 beds (Photos: Mark Kurtz, for NCPR)
Uihlein nursing home in Lake Placid will lose 60 beds (Photos: Mark Kurtz, for NCPR)

Adirondack Health restructures, eliminates 60 nursing home beds in Lake Placid

A new plan unveiled yestoday in the Adirondacks would eliminate 60 nursing home beds in Lake Placid, most of which are used by low-income elderly residents who rely on Medicaid. The proposal would also mean the closure of the village hospital that's been in operation since the 1950s.

Adirondack Health, based in Saranac Lake, says most hospital services will still be provided on an expanded medical campus near the Uihlein nursing home. The company also hopes to develop a new network of apartments and social services that could mean fewer elderly residents needing nursing home care.  Go to full article
I think it recognizes the devotion that this institution has to our community

Major Adirondack Park employer expands in Saranac Lake

One of the biggest employers in the Adirondack Park is looking to expand. A public hearing will be held tonight in Saranac Lake on Adirondack Medical Center's plan to build a two-story, 9,000-square-foot medical office building to treat patients with chronic wounds.

The $2.7 million project is the latest in a series of building upgrades for AMC over the last 10 years. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article
Chandler Ralph (Source:  AMC)
Chandler Ralph (Source: AMC)

AMC exec Ralph talks in-depth about coming health care battles

Health care is likely to top the agenda of state and federal lawmakers in the coming weeks, as New York's new governor aims to reform the Medicaid system and Congress considers a measure to repeal last year's health care reform legislation.

Chris Morris sat down to talk about possible changes to the health care system with Chandler Ralph, head of Adirondack Medical Center.

Ralph says hospitals in the North Country want lawmakers to take a measured approach, and she opposes a wholesale scrapping of the Federal healthcare reform plan.  Go to full article
AMC CEO Chandler Ralph
AMC CEO Chandler Ralph

Medicaid cuts mean ?serious danger of closing? upstate nursing homes

Here in the North Country, hospitals and nursing homes offer vital services. But they also serve as the largest private sector employers across the region. Industry leaders say Governor Paterson's proposed Medicaid cuts, and other reimbursements, could force already struggling companies to close their doors. Brian Mann sat down yesterday with Chandler Ralph, CEO of Adirondack Medical Center, which operates clinics, hospitals and nursing homes in the Park. She says if this proposal goes through it would put even more stress on the struggling Uihlein nursing home in Lake Placid.  Go to full article
AMC CEO Chandler Ralph (Source:  Brim Healthcare)
AMC CEO Chandler Ralph (Source: Brim Healthcare)

Hospital chief: Spitzer health budget is a "dodged bullet"

One of the fiercest debates in Albany this year was the clash over healthcare spending. An overall plan from a commission created during the Pataki administration will close some hospitals. Governor Spitzer, a Democrat, tried to push through deep cuts in Medicaid. The Republican-controlled state Senate restored most of that money. On Friday, we spoke with Dr. John Rugge, CEO of the Hudson Headwaters Healthcare Network and a member of Spitzer's healthcare advisory panel. Rugge says he thinks the Governor's plan to decentralize the health care system will improve medical care in New York state, and the budget was a first step. But Chandler Ralph, CEO of Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, says Spitzer's plan failed to distinguish between wealthy downstate hospitals and more isolated, rural hospitals upstate. Ralph spoke with Brian Mann. NOTE: AMC has facilities in Keene, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake and Wilmington.  Go to full article

Pataki Budget Proposal Angers North Country Healthcare Leaders

The North Country's medical industry is reacting with anger to Governor Pataki's budget proposals, unveiled on Wednesday. Rural hospitals and nursing homes face a possible cut in Medicaid payments - and millions of dollars in new taxes. As Brian Mann reports, health care officials say the budget could mean lay-offs or cuts in services.  Go to full article

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