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Federal prison officials have packed more beds into wards at correctional facilities to house rising inmate populations. Photo: US BOP via GAO)
Federal prison officials have packed more beds into wards at correctional facilities to house rising inmate populations. Photo: US BOP via GAO)

Will sequester make Federal prisons less safe?

The sequester is upon us and Federal workers at facilities are bracing for across-the-board cuts that begin phasing in tomorrow. Tensions are particularly high in the country's Federal prison system.

Two different congressional reports released in the last year found that inmate overcrowding at Federal prisons like the one in Ray Brook, near Saranac Lake,
has already made it difficult for guards to maintain safety behind bars.

Attorney General Eric Holder says furloughing more corrections officers could make safety problems even worse.  Go to full article
I think there's a huge need for more of the Park to be covered, and I think the carriers realize thatů

Cell tower boom slows in Adirondacks

The cell tower building boom in the Adirondacks has slowed this year. Applications to the Adirondack Park Agency are down - the agency has only issued nine permits or amendments for cell projects as of early October.

That's a big drop when compared to last year: 28 projects, and 2009, when the APA approved 27. Despite the trend, cell service providers say they're still planning to grow their wireless networks in the Park. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Inmate fight sparks guard union complaints

The union that represents corrections officers and other workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Ray Brook says prison officials didn't do enough to address a recent outbreak of what it described as "gang-related" violence at the medium-security facility. The American Federation of Government Employees and its Council of Prison Locals says prison officials mostly kept operations running normally, despite the violence. As Chris Knight reports, prison officials say they locked down the prison and handled the situation appropriately.  Go to full article

Schumer addresses overcrowding, understaffing at Ray Brook

Senator Chuck Schumer toured the Federal prison in Ray Brook today and said the facility is overcrowded and understaffed. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Child care demand "overwhelming"

A Ray Brook child care center has called a public meeting today to address what organizers call an "overwhelming" demand for infant day care. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

State police in Ray Brook could add crime lab

New York State Police are planning a 13,000 square foot forensic crime lab and evidence storage facility at Troop B headquarters in Ray Brook. Plans for the building are currently being reviewed by the Adirondack Park Agency. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

APA in Ray Brook to get ?green? update

NYPA The Adirondack Park Agency headquarters in Ray Brook will get a $100-thousand green update thanks to the New York Power Authority. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

"Invasives" Fight Needs People and Money

Non-native plant species like zebra mussels, water milfoil, and purple loosestrife are called "invasives." They can overwhelm native species, upsetting whole ecosystems. In the Adirondacks, private groups that have been fighting invasives for years are now hoping for public help. Invasives are considered one of the most serious threats to the region's, and the state's, environment. A state task force studying the problem brought its draft report and recommendations to a meeting in Ray Brook this week. As Chris Knight reports, members found a receptive audience, with its own suggestions.  Go to full article

People, Places, Things: A Fishpond in the Adirondacks

Every so often during The 8 O'Clock Hour, we'll introduce you to a North Country resident. It could be your neighbor or a friend--someone with an odd job or a story to tell. Today, we visit a teenager and his fishpond in Ray Brook.  Go to full article

Music: All in the Family

The Waickman Family Band of Ray Brook performs early, classical, country dance and world music across the North Country. With three adopted children in the ensemble, the Waickmans have different family roots. But they share a common interest in music. Todd Moe caught up with most of the family recently for an impromptu home recital.  Go to full article

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